Competitors: KOH CREW PIT PASS and REGISTRATION QUESTIONS – Take Action by January 1

Hello Competitors,

Happy holidays to you and your families! Thank you for your patience while we sorted crew licensing. The information you may have seen about the Desert Triple Crown and BITD points race has brought messages pouring in. Hammerking will send official information by email and post on the News page of our website as we have details outlined and solidified. This email is to address your most common questions right now.

  • USAC Pit Crew Licensing: please purchase a general admission ticket online. BUY NOW FOR $50! January 2 tickets will be $75 and $100 at the gate. The crew upgrade will be at the Welcome Gate when arriving on the lakebed. Anyone that purchased the USAC Crew Competition License does not need to purchase the general admission ticket. There are many benefits to crew purchasing a participant ticket.
  • Competitors, if you wish, you may purchase the upgrades at the gate and leave a list of names for your team to check-in and sign their waiver as they arrive. Be sure you’re purchasing the $50 ticket now though before prices increase January 2.
  • Tickets can be associated with you as their driver for the Competitor Payback Program during the ticket purchase.
  • Each general admission ticket purchase includes a complimentary, commemorative Black Plaque. The plaques are produced as tickets are ordered to coincide with your ticket number, so they arrive in the mail separate. Please be patient, they’re worth the wait!
  • We’re kicking off 17 Days of KOH January 1 to celebrate 17 years of KOH! By having a participant ticket, crew have an opportunity to win prizes ranging from T-shirts, swag packs, sets of tires, a KOH Edition Can-Am and everything between from our vendors and sponsors! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook to follow along.
  • Please see a list of what is included with your race entry on our competitor FAQ page. There is a list for Shootout, KOM and Desert/U4. Vehicle passes for Hammertown may be purchased at the Welcome Gate. These are not available online because they are for teams only.
  • The Hammertown Portal is not open for reservations yet. You will receive an email when it is, and how to confirm your space if returning. We will outline the process for new competitors wanting to obtain a vacant spot.
  • The Triple Crown and class selection/registration at KOH. There are NO KOH Rock classes (4800, 4600, 4500, 4900) outside of King of the Hammers at other races. If you would like to be a competitor in the Triple Crown and are an Ultra4 vehicle, you would cross reference your specs into a Toyo Tires Desert Class. For example, a 4800 Ultra4 car could register as a B1, Stock class into the T4 7F, etc. We are working on a desert cross reference class guide, and will post on the Rulebook Page as soon as possible.
  • If you’re attempting to login on with your email and password from for the first time and it does not work, please create a new account. You may use the same email address from the Ultra4Racing site.
  • If you receive a message the email is already in use, please use the reset my password button.
  • If this does not work, please use the Contact Us page, select Competitor, Password Reset.

It’s hard to believe we are weeks away from being on the lakebed. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!



King of the Hammers, Hammerking Productions