How do I receive the racecourse map?

Course files are released to registered competitors Friday, February 3 when pre-running opens, at the PCI Race Radios booth in Hammertown.

What is included with my King of the Hammers, King of the Motos, or Shootout race entry?


King of the Hammers/Desert/Gas race entry includes:

Tech inspection
Driver of record wristband
One racecar pass
Two truck or vehicle passes
Two UTV or moto passes


King of the Motos race entry includes:

Driver of record wristband
One race vehicle
One vehicle/truck pass
One UTV/moto pass


Shootout race entry includes:

Driver of record wristband
One racecar pass
One vehicle/truck pass
One UTV/moto pass

Do I need to wait until I arrive at the lakebed to go through tech?

We have tech locations across the country for full and pre-tech before you arrive on the lakebed to help your road to hammers be less stressful. See the list of Pre-Tech locations.

Does anyone other than the driver of record need to register for the race?

Only the Driver of Record needs to register. The co-driver does not need to register, although the co-driver does need a USAC Competition License.


How do I get my car number?

If you have not raced with us in the past 12 months, email with your top three number choices. Do not complete your registration without confirming a number to avoid scoring issues. If you previously confirmed a number, you do not need to take any action.


How do I register for the Shootout?

Registration for the Shootout will be in one location this year, on the King of the Hammers registration page. Every driver must have an individual USAC Competition license.


How do I reserve a garage (location you park your camper, trailer, race car on, and "live" out of during KOH)?

Garages were available to registered competitors through the Hammertown Portal, our internal, reservation system. For questions about Hammertown, please contact


I already created a driver profile and input a number that looked to be available, without having it confirmed. Is that okay?


No, if the number has not gone through our numbering system, that number will not be considered valid and may be assigned to another driver if they select it within the numbering protocol. If you formerly created a profile and selected a number without validation, please follow the steps to confirm your number, and note the situation on the request form.


I have heard about the first times on us Ultra4 fee-waiver program. I haven't raced KOH or an Ultra4 race before, am I eligible?


No, this does not apply to King of the Hammers. Please contact Ultra4 USA for detailed information on the First Time’s on Us program for the Domestic Ultra4 USA program.


I'm a new competitor, where do I start?


If you’ve never raced KOH before, check out our rookie program! If you’ve participated in KOH and are returning, you’ll want to download and print our rulebook, addendums, check out the tech and chassis information and review the Competitor FAQ section. If you have questions beyond that, please contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction!


What are the steps to complete King of the Hammers registration?


For details and links to complete registration, visit Competitors Start Here!.


What fees do I need to pay to compete?


Driver Registration (tech fee is included, if applicable)


Tracker (excludes classes that are ONLY on the short course)

USAC Competition License


Optional purchases that may be incurred:

Additional parking pass

Additional vehicle passes

Garage space: varies by location, beginning at $50

WiFi - packages are now available for purchase in our Shop

Water and pumping services


What happens if I can't get a garage spot inside Hammertown?


There are many racers that do not stay inside Hammertown. It is not a requirement to stay in Hammertown. Camping spots and tents can be coordinated anywhere on or near the lakebed.


What if the car number I want is not listed or if I'm transferring one from another driver?


If you believe you have a special situation that requires assistance pertaining to a number not listed, or to transfer a number not listed, please let us know in the form after selecting your choices from the menus.


What is the Competitor Payback Program and how does it work?


King of the Hammers believes we should help make racing more affordable for competitors, so we found a way to put dollars back into your race program through the Competitor Payback Program! When you registered for King of the Hammers, participants (formerly called spectators), were able to select your name from a menu and competitors received $10 of each ticket sold, paid by check monthly!

Ticket prices vary based on time of purchase and tiered pricing, $25 For Life Promotion, Veteran Discounts, etc. The payback program ended 1/15/2023. 


What is the Driver's Team T-Shirt Program?


We were excited to utilize the relationships we have built as a company to help competitors offer merchandise and brand your race team, while helping put money back into your race program. In-line with our Competitor Payback Program, KOH believes racing should be more affordable for our competitors, so we took steps to make that happen! We produced and sold your custom shirt on our online store, and you received $15 back per shirt.

    • The shirt will have a special edition, driver's shirt only, 2023 KOH logo on the front and your custom art on the back.
    • We are not able to accept shirts you already have produced to sell.
    • For each shirt sold, you will receive $15. A total check will be mailed by December 31, 2022.
    • Shirt sales ended December 11, 2022 and are available only after you registered. The sooner you register, the faster we can get it on the site for sale.  
    • Shirt color choices are black or grey and art may be up-to four colors on the back.
    • All shirts will ship to the individual purchasers just in time for Christmas.

What is the KOH Rookie Program?


WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING COMPETITORS INTO THE PROGRAM FOR 2023, ALTHOUGH WE WELCOME ALL TO RACE WITH US AT KING OF THE HAMMERS. SEE MORE INFORMATION BY CLICKING LINK BELOW. This program is designed to help guide racers that have never raced KOH, you don’t necessarily need to be a rookie, just a new racer with us. We will help guide you through registration, offer incentives, you’ll get some social and video time and more. Click to learn more about KOH Rookie Program!.


Where can I find the rules for King of the Hammers?


For the rulebook, view updated UTV classes and tech bulletins, visit our Rulebook and Tech page. Please be sure to review and print all addendums as well as the rulebook.