Please be advised - If you submitted a ticket prior to KOH for an issue related to the event, we will be closing those tickets without a response.


Regarding non-event related issues:

If you ordered items from the store while the event was going on and have not received it (some were shipped from the lakebed), please know that they are being shipped out as fast as they can be once Roxy gets home and settled.  Exchanges for wrong sizes ordered or the like will take a lower priority than new orders or orders where we made an error, so please be patient, Roxy is a one-woman department 🙂

If you are asking about ticket orders that you had issues with but were able to gain entry during the event, please give specific details to save us from having to do extensive research to determine the best path forward.  Note, there are only 2 of us that work the tickets queue and one of them is Roxy . . .

If you are asking about a plaque for the ticket(s) you purchased online after January 15, 2023, again that is a Roxy thing and as stated in a previous communication they will ship out after March 1, 2023.

Thank you all for an amazing KOH2023 and we look forward to responding to you soon!