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King of the Motos  and King of the Hammers!

Scroll down to find out how to be part of the most exciting off-road race of the year!

We can't put on an event like King of the Motos and King of the Hammers without an army of people.  It takes over 100 volunteers plus almost as many staff to monitor the race course and keep our Competitors and Participants safe during the races.

If you would like to volunteer as a course worker or recovery team, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form. If you are a returning KOH Volunteer and have already completed this years form, please stand by as we will start communications soon!

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Refunded Entry and Camping Pass!

You will be eligible to receive a refund of your Volunteer General Admission ticket and Volunteer Camping Pass when purchased online before January 1, 2024 if you meet the following requirements:

  • Commit and be in position on course for two days.
    • Single day sign-ups are not eligible for a refund of their event ticket or camping pass cost.
  • Check-in with your assigned Course Captain each day by 6:00AM.
    • We will provide the location for check-in before you arrive to the lakebed via an update email.
  • Remaining at your assigned position until released by race ops.
    • Plan for a full day away from Hammertown.  We can only relieve your position if there is an emergency.
  • Provide your own radio programmed to race ops channels.
    • We are working with our vendors to offer a discounted radio to purchase.  Details will be provided in email at a later date.

When purchasing tickets online please select the Volunteer General Admission and Volunteer Camping Pass.  Other ticket categories are non-refundable.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

A Partner Sponsored event that is always a favorite!

Your course captain will provide you a ticket for entry on your second day of work.  The dinner is only for volunteers with an entry ticket.

Volunteer Appreciation Raffle

Everyone's favorite part of being a KOH volunteer!

Our Vendors and Partners donate some awesome prizes and we will raffle them off after the Volunteer Appreciation dinner.

To be entered into the raffle you must check in with your course captain or Race Ops at the beginning of your assignment.

You must be present to win.

Volunteer T-Shirts

We will once again be giving everyone that helps out in any capacity a T-Shirt to commemorate the dirt, sweat and tears we shared on the lakebed.

Please be sure to specify your size when you confirm your position sign up.  Your course captain will hand out shirts on your second day of work.

Still have questions?  Shoot us an email Volunteers@KingoftheHammers.com