Want to stream your race live?

Option 1 - StreamBox Pro by Star Stream

We have partnered with Star Stream to have their solution available for King of the Hammers.

This is a complete solution that only requires Starlink and 12v connectivity.

Click here to preorder!

Option 2 -

For those of you that would prefer a DIY solution, we have a few links to cameras that will work. This is similar to the system that competitor Chuck Crossland has been using with success in his 4869 car.

Mevo Start | Mevo Store

Car telemetry: With onboard PC to provide video and data overlay live.

RaceCapture/Pro MK4 Lap timer, data logger, telemetry system – Autosport Labs


We will be available for testing your systems on the lakebed info@takeitlive.com.


* You must have internet connectivity via wifi. This can be accomplished with Starlink with Mobile Priority.

** If you choose to use a setup that is not one of the options listed above, the system must be capable of sending SRT or RTMP streaming video with a retransmit function.