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Are you an avid Overlander?

Join us for the 6th Annual King of the Hammers Overland Experience happening from February 1st to 3rd, coinciding with the King of the Hammers. Located just outside the bustling hub of Hammertown, this Overland adventure provides overland enthusiasts with the exceptional opportunity to test their gear firsthand, completely off the grid.
Bring along your crew and construct a themed campsite, an idea we wholeheartedly support. Explore the latest products at our Vendor Showcase Camps. There's more to look forward to, including cooking demos, recovery classes and thrilling off-road adventures.
The best part? Admission to the Overland Adventure is complimentary when you purchase a Ticket and Camper Pass for King of the Hammers 2024. Get ready for an exciting overlanding experience! Sign up for Updates now!