Hammer King Productions Sells Ultra4 USA to Mid America Outdoors
King of the Hammers, International Events, and Production to be retained

I'm sorry you haven't heard much from me regarding the sale of the Ultra4 USA Series. I am very proud to share that we have recently signed contracts (see below) regarding our domestic Ultra4 Racing series and our Vimeo content channel. This deal ensures the vision, sustainability, and success of Ultra4 Racing.
I look forward to King of the Hammers remaining as the first Race of the Ultra4 USA Series for many years. As always, the top 10 non-qualified drivers at each regional series (USA and EU) Race get a qualifying spot in the Race of Kings.
Thank you for supporting King of the Hammers and Ultra4 Racing. Much more is to come in the next couple of days.
Please read our official release below.
See you on the lake bed.

Dave Cole

Hammer King Productions announced today the Ultra4 USA regional racing series sale to Jason and Gayla Robinette of Mid America Outdoors LLC. Dave Cole, the owner of Hammer King Productions and founder of Ultra4 Racing said, "The sale will include the Ultra4 USA racing series, as well as digital assets and limited license rights related to the names and logos for ‘King of the Hammers,’ ‘Ultra4,’ and ‘Ultra4 Racing.’"

What started as a bet among friends on Means Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, California, has become a worldwide phenomenon in 15 years. The largest off-road Race known as King of the Hammers, an unlimited four-wheel drive vehicle known as an Ultra4 (4400 class), a national series to support the racers year-round, International races and racers, and live webcasting content that has led the off-road world.

Hammer King Productions will retain ownership and management of its premier racing event, King of the Hammers. This move will allow the team to continue developing and improving the flagship event and work more closely with its partner groups, Ultra4 Europe and Great American Short Course.

"We are laser-focused on the racers, fans, partners, and vendors. A host of new developments are already in process that will create an excellent experience for everyone involved," noted Cole. Proceeds from the Ultra4 USA sale will be reinvested into the community that has helped create what King of the Hammers is today. The team is committed to ensuring King of the Hammers is better than ever and honors the grit and determination of all who compete in what is now considered the most challenging one-day, off-road races in the world," noted Cole.

Hammer King Productions built the Ultra4 series to give racers a taste of King of the Hammers in their backyards, and it has become a success story blueprint. The 2022 series consists of nine races under the new Ultra4 USA ownership. Fans and racers can find the schedule at
Exciting things are happening, stay tuned for more news from King of the Hammers and Hammer King Productions.

About Hammer King Productions

Established in 2008, Hammer King Productions is a premier, industry-leading race promotion and experiential entertainment company. HKP is the parent company for the toughest, one-day, off-road Race in the world, King of the Hammers and Ultra4 Racing International. HKP produces high-quality live stream television coverage in challenging remote, off-road locations. To follow Hammer King Productions' fast-paced ventures, follow King of the Hammers on Facebook, Twitter and Ultra4Racing on Instagram.

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