2020 Season Schedule Update

To Ultra4 Racers, Fans, and Partners,
I hope this message finds you safe and healthy.  In the situation we are in right now, I think we all find comfort in a solid plan and definitive communication.
I would like to share what we are doing for the short term, our revised schedule for 2020 and some of the things we are working on for 2021 and beyond.
In the immediate short term, we are refunding all advance paid entry fees regardless of that race being cancelled or not.  It is better for you to have your funds available to you now and be able to choose when you are ready to get back on the racecourse.  When you are ready, we will be here.
As far as this year’s race schedule, in concert with the park owners in Kentucky and the Tourism Department of Baja Mexico, we are left with no choice but to cancel our upcoming events at Rush Offroad Park (4/17) and San Felipe, MX (5/16).
The following is our event schedule for 2020

Crandon, WI (6/18-6/21) – This will be an optional non-point race open to all classes
4WP Adventure Offroad Park, TN (7/23-7/25) – Points Race
Lasernut Reno, NV (9/17-9/19) – Points Race
Nitto Tire Ultra4 National Championships at Crossbar Ranch, OK (10/22-10/24)
1st Annual Ultra4 Jamboree San Felipe, MX (11/24-11/28) – Non-competition fan/racer engagement, more details below.

Obviously, the big moves are Nationals and San Felipe.  We tried to make decisions that took both time away from home and a team’s financial investment into consideration.  We are working with the park managers at Crossbar to open new racecourse.  We are also identifying the possible options for a year end celebration.
I am extremely excited about San Felipe where, for the first time, we will host a non-competition event that allows fans, partners, and racers to get out in the dirt and explore everything from the famed washes of Baja Mexico to the biggest uncut rock trails you have ever driven.  In the community of San Felipe, we have a partner that relishes not only the economic impact we provide but the competition and action you display, along with the camaraderie our group brings to the town. Stay tuned for details but think Turkey Day at the Hammers meets Moab…fueled by Tacos.
As far as qualifying for 2021 KOH 4400 Race, the following will get you in: 

KOH 2020 Top 20 Finisher
Compete in any 4400 Ultra4 Series Race in 2020
Finish top 5 at either the TBD rescheduling of the RCV Anniversary Bash at Rush Offroad or a TBD event at NorCal Rock Racing in the 4400 class

Being that there is only 1 East and 1 West race, there will not be individual regional championships for 2020.  National Championship points will be based on Nationals and your best 2 point totals from the other 3 races.  For this year only, you may drop KOH from your tally.
Long term, I am happy to announce we have begun the re-design of our website and our production staff is finishing up the edits on the World of X Games TV Broadcasts that begin airing on April 11th.  Stay tuned for times, and channels.
Sincerest regards and, as always, if you have any questions or concern please call or email.
Dave Cole