2018 KOH Week Series Points

Points for all KOH Week ULTRA4 races have been assigned.
Click here for a full description of how points are assigned. 
2/3 of the race for UTV and EMC was Checkpoint RM 81. 2/3 of the KOH Race was successful completion of 2 laps.
Points for those drivers that did not finish the race but did completle 2/3 of the course were assigned based upon the adjusted total time it took the driver complete a last known check point on course.  For those drivers that did not complete 2/3 of the race, points were assigned based upon the last checkpoint reached, regardless of time. 
Checkpoint locations were as follows: 
Lap 1

Leaving Cougar Buttes
Exiting Remote Pit 1

Lap 2

RM 81
RM 97 
RM 118

Lap 3 (for 4400s only)Same as Lap 2 Links to all points below. 

2018 King of The Hammers 4400 Points
2018 Rubicon Express 4500 Modified Points
2018 G2 4800 Legends Points
2018 Pro Comp 4600 Stock Points
2018 Can-Am KOH UTV Presented by HCR Points