2015 Motos Letter from Jimmy Lewis

2015 King Of The Motos Rider Introduction Letter
Klim King Of The Motos Competitor,
We’re getting ramped up for our fourth year and it looks like the KOM is growing yet again. I want to let everyone know we are excited about the surge in pre-entries we’ve already had and looking forward to a bigger and better event this year. If you would like to learn more about registering, please click here.
This year’s race will take place on only on Sunday, February 1st.  No qualifying this year. Sign-in, tech inspection and the rider’s meeting will all take place on Saturday January 31st. The race will consist of two stages with the combined time determining the overall winner. Both heats will feature “Land Rush” starts and we promise they will be as spectacular as last year. The event will not be easier, as some rumors have suggested, but my goal is to challenge riders of all levels and give you a sense of accomplishment no matter how far you make it or even if you don’t finish. I want you to have an exceedingly challenging, full day of riding.
We will still use GPS navigation as the primary way you will follow the course. We will give you the course in a printed map and download it to a GPS in either .GPX  or .GBD format at the rider’s meeting on Saturday evening. We suggest and recommend the Trail Tech Voyager GPS as it is what we use to make and verify the tracks and we know it works. New for 2015 is that there will be no pre-running since we will not announce the course till the night before the race. The entire Johnson Valley open area will be available for testing and riding right up until the start of the race. Navigation skills will definitely play a more important role for the winner, just as it did the first year of the event.
Our current plans do not use any remote pits and we will keep with our tradition of not allowing any outside assistance to the bike after the first heat has started. Only riders can work on bikes. Our course has some familiar sections and some all new sections that will blow your mind and make you wonder why no one has ever set a wheel where you will go. I’m excited to give you all a shot at riding the course.
I look forward to challenging every rider who signs up and races and I’m making a course I’d want to ride. And if you are scared, please think about signing up to come out and volunteer to help with CPs, crowd control and assisting during the Motos event and also the remaining races during the Nitto King Of The Hammers week.
We are also looking at having some Motos competitors in the ULTRA4 vs. SRRS Rock Challenge on Monday night where Wild Wally Palmer was a crowd favorite.
I’ll see you at Hammertown!
If you have any questions specific to the Motos event, please contact me at : Jimmy@jimmylewisoffroad.com