Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving at KOH

Notice to all KOH Attendees:
There is a zero tolerance policy regarding drinking and driving. The Johnson Valley OHV area will be policed by BLM, local law enforcement and private security working together to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the week.  Absolutely no drinking and driving of any type of vehicle will be tolerated inside or outside of Hammertown.  Whether the vehicle is licensed or green stickered, if someone is caught drinking and driving they will be given a DUI.  Please note: If you have a suspended license you are not able to operate a UTV.  Also remember that pallets and glass bottles are strictly forbidden.
If you are traveling from out of state, you will need an out of state OHV permit for your non-licensed vehicles in hammertown. Stickers will be available for purchase on the lake bed.
DUI Enforcement during KOH week will include:

Breathalyzer on site
Towing and impounding available
The cost of a DUI is approx $13,000 and includes:

$1,000 ticket
Night in jail
Vehicle impounded
Suspended driver’s license
Higher insurance premiums

Impounding the vehicle costs:

 $300 towing fee
$250 initial storage
$75 a day for each day the vehicle is impounded.

 For more information regarding spectator safety please click this link: