You Can Help Save The Hammers Today

Question: What do these ULTRA4 teams have in common?

Darren and Darlene Henke 
Tony Pellegrino
The Big Ugly Crew
Doug Bigelow
Larry and Cheri McRae

Answer:  They all met with their elected officials last year to help Save The Hammers. All of them had such a positive experience they said they would do it again. Their meetings helped us to get a bill passed and signed into law!
 Now We Need YOU To Do the Same! 
Your elected officials are home from DC the first week and the last week of April. We’re asking you to arrange a meeting with your elected officials and tell them about what Johnson Valley means to you!
One Hour of Your Time
Can Help Save The Hammers 
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I know who my representative is?
You can find your congressman by clicking here and entering your zip code.  You can find your Senators byclicking here. While your Senators might not have a nearby office, your Congressman should.
They have multiple numbers, which number should I call?
You want to call their district office and not their DC office. We know they should be home the first and last week’s of April so try to book your appointments for one of these times. 
 What if they will only let me meet with a Staff member?
That’s OK! Politicians rely on their staff members as subject matter experts. Often times meeting with a Staff member is better than meeting with the elected official. Just make sure to ask for a staff member that specializes in Land Use/Natural Resources
 What if they won’t meet with me?
Explain to them that you are a constituent and want to talk to them about a federal issue concerning federal lands, military spending and tax payer’s money. If they still won’t meet with you, ask them if they will discuss the issue on the phone with you and if you can forward them some additional material on the topic.
They’ve agreed to meet with me, now what do I do?

Be Prepared: Download this pdf and forward via email in advance of your meeting and tell them this is what you’d like to discuss. Review the talking points listed below.
Be Polite and Professional: You don’t have to wear a suit but something nicer than jeans and t-shirt will go a long way. 

Share why Johnson Valley is important to YOU: Share your own stories as well as use the talking points below. 
Offer to be a resource for them: Let them know if they have any additional questions regarding land use, you’d be willing to be a subject matter expert for off road enthusiasts.
In exchange for them meeting with you, ask if there is anything you can do to help them?  Usually, the politicians won’t ask for something in return, but they will be impressed that you are offering to help.

 What should I talk to them about? 
Read these talking points below:
Common Ground Talking Points
An OHV Enthusiasts Guide

Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehcle (OHV) Recreation Area is the largest
OHV area in the US.  It is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and designated an OHV area under 1980 Desert Conservation Plan.
In 2004, the US Marine Corps identified the need to train forces (about 15,000 troops) for less than 2 months a year.
The Marines decided to expand its Twentynine Palms base, the second largest military base in the world.  (The world’s largest base, Fort Irwin, is only 86 miles away.)
The Marines considered 6 different expansion options and approved “Alternative 6” which asks Congress to approve a land transfer as
part of the “National Defense Authorization Act.”
The Marines would own nearly 147,000 acres of Johnson Valley.
Nearly 104,000 acres would be permanently closed.  Another 43,000 acres, including the unique terrain known as “Hammers,” would be available for dual-use purposes but this land could be closed in the future since munitions from live-fire training could make the area unsafe for recreational use.
Alternative 6 does not address the impact on local communities which numbers at least $71 million annually to the local economy and $262 million nationally.
Alternative 6 threatens the annual “King of the Hammers” 10-day event held each February.  BLM estimates that over 50,000 people attended the 2013 event.

What should I do after I talk to them?Tell everyone how it went! Post on social media, email we want to know hear from you about how our elected officials treated you!