Want to Race the 2016 ULTRA4 Series?

If you’re a new driver, please read through this information before heading to our online registration page at www.ultra4racing.com/races.
1. What class are you interested in racing in ULTRA4?
There are 7 classes racing at Western races and 6 classes racing in Eastern Races in the 2016 ULTRA4 Series.
Click here to read a brief description of each class
2. What races are you interested in racing in 2016?
Click here to see the full 2015 Race Schedule
3. Make sure your vehicle meets our tech rules and you have proper safety equipment.
Your 4400 ULTRA4 vehicle must meet the tech and safety requirements outlined here: ULTRA4 2015/2016 Rulebook. See Section 6.5 for specific 4400 tech information.

4. Create a driver profile at www.ultra4racing.com/races and register for the KOH 2016 race.
You have a couple of options when registering for the race. If you choose to sign up for either the Trail-Gear Western Regional Series or the 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series you will receive significant savings throughout the year compared to those who enter for individual races.
The race registration process is straight forward, but should you get stuck, we have created these step-by-step registration instructions. If you already registered to race with ULTRA4 before, please use the same login and password. If you have any questions registering, please email Shannon Welch at Shannon@ultra4racing.com
5. Pay for your race
The address to send checks to and online payment options are all available once you have registered online and signed up for the event.
6. Sign up for USAC Insurance
All drivers and co-drivers MUST have either annual or single use USAC insurance purchased. Pre-purchasing your USAC insurance online saves tons of time on site.
Click here to pay for your USAC Insurance
6. Be prepared for additional mandatory costs – Trackers and Pit Crew Fees are NOT included in entry fees
As each race in the series is different, some races require trackers while others do not. The typical fee for tracker rental is $25 per race per vehicle at most tracks. Every Pit Crew member must sign a waiver in order to be insured in the pits. Each Pit Crew band is $25 for the 2015 season.
7. Show up and race!
See you soon.