Want to Race King of The Motos?

1. There are 3 classes for King of The Motos  – Pros, Amateurs and Teams Pros pay a higher entry fee and are racing for a purse. Amateur/Teams pay a lower entry fee and are racing for a trophy. Teams can Register, but need to register w/ the same bike number followed by a T to denote a team. Example: both riders could be 2T as their bike number. 
2. Create a driver profile and register for the King of The Motos Race. You have a couple of options when registering for the race. You can choose to race in KOM Pro or KOM Amateur. If you already registered to race with ULTRA4 before, please use the same login and password. If you have any questions registering, please email Shannon Welch at Shannon@ultra4racing.com
3. Pay for your race The address to send checks to and online payment options are all available once you have registered online and signed up for the event.
4. Sign up for USAC Insurance All riders MUST purchase USAC insurance. Pre-purchasing your USAC insurance online saves tons of time on site. Costs are still being determined and will be emailed to already registered drivers/riders once they are known. 
5. Be prepared for additional mandatory costs At KOH there will be additional mandatory costs (including USAC insurance mentioned above) including but not limited to: pit crew bands, USAC insurance. Payment and pricing for these costs will be emailed to you as they are known.
6. Show up and race! See you soon.