Volunteer At KOH 2015 And Win A Trip To Europe!

The 2015 Nitto King of The Hammers is fast approaching, and we are in need of volunteers to help run the race. The race simply wouldn’t happen without our fantastic volunteer team, and this year we have a special prize for one lucky volunteer! Keep reading for more…
As a volunteer you get to be right in the thick of the action and be an integral part of KOH!
We will also supply you with exclusive KOH merchandise, along with entry in to the Volunteer Raffle usually held during the volunteer meeting on Thursday evening before the big race. In this raffle you can win everything from a hat to a complete set of Dynatrac axles! I guarantee you won’t go away empty-handed. A vendor usually supplies a volunteer meal one night during race week also.
Chief amongst the Volunteer Raffle prizes this year though, will be the chance for one randomly-selected volunteer to receive a ticket to an ULTRA4 Europe event of their choice! ULTRA4 will pay for your plane ticket, accommodation and food, you just let us know which ULTRA4 Europe race you would like to attend. Next year’s European series has races in France, Italy, Portugal and Great Britain, where would you like to visit???
For a chance at this amazing prize, please help us by volunteering on our three ‘big’ race days. Only volunteers who help with the KOH Polaris UTV race, Smittybilt Everyman Challenge, and Nitto King of The Hammers will be entered into the drawing.
We need volunteers for a variety of different tasks, the three main ones being crowd control at spectator areas, working at race checkpoints and pit control. There are many more jobs that need doing though, these are just the big ones. You can volunteer as little or as much as you want, but the big race days are when we need the most people. Please bear in mind that if you are working out on racecourse during the big KOM/UTV/EMC/KOH races you may have a very long day on the trail. If you don’t have a huge amount of volunteer experience we can pair you up with someone who does. Having a 4×4 truck is not always necessary either, as some of the crowd control areas are pretty close to camp.
**To sign up for volunteering, or to find out more, please email our Volunteer Coordinator Simon, simon@ultra4racing.com. He will send you back a simple form to fill out.**
Thank you in advance, we simply couldn’t run this race without our outstanding volunteer team, you all rock!