Venue Change to Moab for Sept 17/18/19 Event

Venue Change for Sept 17-19

We are proactively announcing a venue change from Reno, NV to Area BFE in Moab, Utah. We are committed to ensuring teams and sponsors have ample notice of changes. With the uncertainty due to the impact of Covid-19 on racing in Reno, we felt it prudent to make this change now.
The race will be held on the same weekend (Sept 18 – 19), but now in Moab, UT, at Area BFE. We are actively working with the park to open up additional racing options to really test man and machine.
In addition to being extremely competitive racing, this is an exciting opportunity for teams to pre-run for NEXT year’s series race in Moab (see the 2021 schedule announcement below!). We believe this will be an outstanding event for 2020 and many years to come.
Registration is now open for all classes at
There will be more specific information to come regarding camping and a detailed schedule, but at this time there will be no spectators allowed on site.
We WILL be doing full live coverage at as well as on YouTube and Facebook to bring the race into households all across the world with an expanded regional race production team.
Team support, volunteers, and media will be allowed and there will be social distancing and safety guidelines similar to the Tear Down in Tennessee in effect.