Update Number Requirement

We are revising the number size requirement from the Shark Fin to a minimum of 7″ and the font to Arial Narrow font to decrease the width of the shark fin.  The front and back numbers still must be 6″ in length. Average length of Shark fin for all classes is 17″ and 15″ for front and rear. The updated rule book wording is listed below. 

For 2017 KOH week only,  we will print permanent adhesive vinyl decals at no cost to the driver and provide the 4 sets of required official numbers (both shark fin pieces and one front and rear number).  In order to receive these vinyl numbers for free you will need to be registered for KOH Week by 1/22 with your correct driver number in your profile. Anyone registering after 1/22 must print their own numbers. Numbers will only be available for be pick up on the lake bed. 

The decals provided will be trimmed at 8″ x 18″ for the shark fin and at 7″ x 16″ for the front and rear plates allowing you to trim to fit as needed.
Additionally, Shark fin side panels (pictured above) can be purchased from The AdArt Company for $48.00 for a set of two.

These panels are pre-bent but are not pre-drilled for mounting. Orders for Shark fins to be placed not later than Jan. 11th  in order to ship prior to KOH.  For those interested in ordering a set please email Andrew Gorman at agorman@adartco.com
Rule book update below with change in yellow 

8) All 4 Wheel Vehicles must utilize a ‘Shark fin’ style number plate located behind the B Pillar and offset in from the side panels of the vehicle to protect from mud. In addition to the Shark Fin, all vehicles must have 1 front facing and 1 rear facing number plate with the same color combination as the Shark Fin. 
a)    Shark Fin Numbers must be 7″ Tall with 1″ Brush Stroke in Arial Narrow font Only. Front Facing and Rear Facing Numbers must be 6″ Tall.
b)    Ultra4 Class – 4400 Unlimited –  Black Numbers with White Background
c)     4500 Class – Modified – Black Numbers Pantone Matching System (PMS) 151 C – Light Orange Background
d)    4600 Class –  Stock- Black Numbers PMS 2707 C – Light Blue background
e)    4800 Class – legends – Black Numbers PMS 101 C – Yellow background
f)      4900 Class – UTV- White Numbers – Black background
g)    The National Class Champion may use White Numbers on a PMS 485 Red background
h)    Numbers located on the doors or body of the vehicle may be in any font and size