ULTRA4 Series Registration Open for All 2015 Races

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Breakdown of 2015 Entry Fees
Reduced Fees for Drivers Committed to Racing the 2015 Series
We are continuing to offer reduced fees for drivers that commit to racing the 2015 ULTRA4 series. These reduced costs are available for all classes. Drivers that commit to racing either the 4WD Eastern Series (Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky)  or the Trail-Gear Western Series (Northern California, Southern California, Fallon, Nevada)  will receive significantly reduced entry fees. When registering online, drivers commit to racing the series by selecting registering for one of the series options in lieu of signing up for single race options. Please see below for an overview of entry fees by class for the 2015 season.
Race Fee Breakdown by Class and Race
Below are the entry fees broken down for the entire 2015 season. We are offering a 3% discount to those who wish to pay by check. The series price is the cost to race for those that commit to racing a series as outlined above. The single race price is the the cost for drivers who wish to pay per race.  Drivers that commit to the series will save anywhere from $400 to $800 depending on the races and class they are racing by committing to the series.
2015 Regional Series Cost per Race Price Break Down by Class: 

 Nitto Nationals Race Pricing Break Down by Class: