Ultra4 Announces Exciting Grassroots Electric Vehicle Racing Program

Ultra4 Racing and King of the Hammers Announces Exciting 
Grassroots EV Racing Program 
February 3, 2022 (Johnson Valley, CA) – On a cold, windy dry lakebed in Southern California, Ultra4 Racing and King of the Hammers founder & CEO Dave Cole announced an Electric Vehicle (EV) spec racing program designed to jumpstart innovation in the off-road world, and motorsports at large.
This is no ordinary lakebed though, it is the home to King of the Hammers, the biggest off-road race in the United States and the collection of what is widely known as the toughest one-day races in the world. This week, tens of thousands of fans and over 500 race teams have gathered in the makeshift city of Hammertown for the 16th King of the Hammers. What makes this event stand apart are the people who have built it and those who race it. Drivers here don’t just show up and strap in, they are the vehicle builders, the fabricators, the masterminds who design the racecars they believe can win on this brutal, unforgivable rocky terrain.
At 11 am, a gap in the racing action was made for Cole to present to the world the EV spec racing program to the racers and fans onsite and live online.
It was here that Dave Cole announced the creation of the EV Spec Racing Program, complete EV crate packages from Hypercraft and Dana Incorporated, along with supporting components provided by Yukon Gear and Axle and Holley/AEM. All participating companies will provide engineering expertise to partner teams. The crate packages will be provided to eleven hand selected Ultra4 Racing teams who have committed to developing and building EV-powered vehicles and racing them for the next three years. The first race for these new EV race cars will be in July 2022 at Attica, Indiana, and they will compete in Sturgis, SD and at the Ultra4 Nationals as well. 
“This is a grassroots racing program in the hands of people who know how to problem solve, drive, fix, and build back better.  Ultra4 racers love a challenge and never give up. This is not talk or future dreams, this is here, now and in the hands of talented, determined people who will take EV performance development to the next level,” noted Dave Cole.
Ultra4 Racing and King of the Hammers have made a substantial impact in the four-wheel drive world and automotive aftermarket space, all from the innovation driven by the race car builders. Cole is committed to empowering competitors in the same way in the electric vehicle space, knowing these competitors will problem solve and provide substantial influence in the EV performance space.


Ultra4 Racing and King of the Hammers announces an innovative EV racing program intended to draw upon the innovation from the community of grassroots racers, fabricators and problem solvers Ultra4 Racing is know for. 
The program will launch with a notable board, eleven EV Crate Packages, eleven identified teams who will accept the EV packages, build and race the vehicles for a three-year commitment beginning July 2022 at the Return to Badlands in Attica, Indiana.
EV integration is crucial to growing the Ultra4 brand of racers, partners, and fans for years to come. The integration and adoption of EV technology in off-road racing is here and now. As we build and evolve, we will seek to integrate our EV mission into an overarching plan to run the Global Ultra4 Series. EV will be a differentiator as our culture steadily permeates the mainstream.
Brand Partners:
Hypercraft –

Integrating and developing the EV Crate Package. 
Assist in creating the EV Tech Rules for Ultra4.

Dana Incorporated – Providing engineering support and hard part supply for the launch.
Holley/AEM – Providing engineering support, hard part supply for controllers and other hardware.
Yukon Gear & Axle – Providing engineering support for hard part design (adaptors and drivetrain).

Hammerking ProductionsInitial financing to launch
Promotion of EV Spec Class at KOH and the Ultra4 Series
Live stream production capabilities at KOH and the Ultra4 Series
Identified 11 diverse teams that are building chassis to accept our spec EV Motor Package

Board of Directors:
John Waraniak, Have Blue, Chairman
Dave Cole, King of the Hammers / Ultra4 Racing
Stefano DePonte and Luca Pignacca, Dallara
Cal Wells III, PPI
Dr. Rob Prucka, Clemson University 
Brett Smith, Center for Automotive Research 
Kyle Seggelin
Bailey Campbell
Casey Gilbert
Duane Garretson
Chip McLaughlin
Jacob Versey
Josh Smith
Robert Taylor
Jon Schaefer
John Grounds 
Baker Fabrication

The 2022 King of the Hammers EV Racing
Leadership Forum Session
Off-Road EV Racing: Driving Next-Generation Electric Performance 

On Wednesday, February 2nd at 12:00-1:00 PM PST, King of the Hammers. dropped the gate on its first-ever 2022 Electric Vehicle Racing Leadership Forum in the Warn VIP Area in the heart of Hammertown, USA. 

The inaugural KOH Leadership Forum Session featured industry OEM, Supplier and Technology Leaders and Experts, Vehicle Builders, Innovators and Racers. The Panel Session, Off-Road EV Racing: Driving Next-Generation Electric Performance focused on What’s New and the Current State of Off-Road Electric Vehicle Racing and Performance Technologies as well as What’s Next as Performance Technologies and Consumer Lifestyles continue to evolve.
Attendees heard directly from a full grid of frontline leaders, experts and drivers on the latest technologies and product innovations being used in off-road racing and adapted to production, in addition to the direction, relevance and importance of off-road motorsports technology to the future of the performance industry.

Moderator: John Waraniak | CEO of Have Blue and Automotive Ambassador Troy Lee Designs
Dave Cole | Co-Founder and CEO, King of the Hammers Ultra4 Racing
Cal Wells III | Founder and Principal, PPI Motorsports
Jake Hawksworth | Founder and CEO, Hypercraft USA
Stefano de Ponti | CEO, Dallara USA
Luca Pignacca | Chief Designer, Dallara Automobili, Italy 
Bryan Harrold | Race Program Manager of Fox Factory Racing 
Troy Lee | Founder and President, Troy Lee Designs 
Tom Zielinski | President, Z-Performance and Founder Detroit4Fest
Matt Caldwell | Executive Director, Tread Lightly!

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