Tread Lightly! Named the Official Outdoor Ethics Partner of King of The Hammers

Hammerking Productions has joined forces with Tread Lightly! to encourage responsible motorized recreation both in Johnson Valley OHV area during King of The Hammers week and on all public lands and private parks where ULTRA4 Racing holds their events. 
“Education and conservation efforts are essential components to ensuring the ability of future generations to enjoy this and other amazing areas. King of the Hammers and Hammerking Productions are excited to work with Tread Lightly! to further our mutual goal of preserving access for motorized activities.” Said Dave Cole, owner of Hammerking. 
Hammerking always encourages all participants, both teams and spectators at KOH to leave the lake bed cleaner than they found it. 
Tread Lightly! and Hammerking Productions look forward to seeing all off-road enthusiasts on the lake bed.