Torchmate Reno Stampede Update from Dave Cole

Greetings from Torchmate Reno Stampede
I’m sitting here at Don Gilman’s ORI shop on my 3rd ‘prerun’ for this event. I can’t imagine a more supportive and engaged support network to make this event happen.We will be back at the Grand Sierra this year. Make sure you use the room code of ‘Ultra4’ when you make your reservations.
There are lots of activities planned from the Del Albright ‘Best Equipped’ contest to deals at the spa for the so inclined.
The race course is amazing. 65.5 mile long loop. Because the area is not open to the public, I can give out more pre race details than usual.
Roger Norman and Don Gilman have set aside the most amazing valley for us to operate out of. The best way I can describe it… it’s like the valley in Jurassic Park. You come over a ridge and motorsports heaven is layed out in front of you. The fans…and teams… will be able to see 4-5 miles of racing from their camping chair. You’ll be able to watch the first 3 miles of race course including the first opportunity to pit without even turning your head.
After the initial 3 miles which includes a long rocky wash, the racers will head out on ~15 loop of wide open (10 lanes wide) fire roads and rally course style switchbacks. Up and over the mountains and back to Horsepower Valley. Those that need mending will have their second opportunity to pit before they continue on their go fast tour of Exit 28 Motorsports Park. 30 miles in you’ll hit the first rock trail. Their couldn’t be a better first trail, it’s wide, relatively flat, has a few good obsitcals but they have multiple lines.
Back into the go fast for another 10 miles or so to Shotgun Canyon. We’ll drive this the opposite of last year then head down D9 canyon and over to the Giants Throne Spectator area.
This year we will offer the option of remote pitting right next to the rocks of the spectating area. This will come in handy, because the big challenge is waiting for you. This year we will be driving up Giants Throne Canyon. The trail that ended many peoples race last year going down, will have gravity working againist you as well.
10 miles or so of desert back to the ‘short course’ start finish area and main pits.
65.3 miles on the GPS….
2 laps… or do we push it to 3 and race 200 miles on the hardest rocks Ultra4 races on?
Pictures of Horsepower Valley to come.