“The Vision X Shootout” Presented by KMC, King Shocks and Nitro Gear

 “The Vision X Shootout” presented by KMC, King Shocks and Nitro Gear will be returning Back Door for KOH Week 2017!  The 4th annual event will feature 4-wheel drive off road competition vehicles ranging from SRRS bouncers to ULTRA4s to garage built rock crawlers competing in a shootout format.  Fastest vehicle to complete the course. The event will take place on Monday February 6th, 2017 preceding the 2017 Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Battery. A new feature for 2017 is the top 10 drivers in the shootout will qualify for Friday’s King of The Hammers Race.” And all drivers registered for LCQ have the option of participating in the Vision X Shootout! 

The cost to enter this year’s shootout is $200 per entrant. To register, drivers must first sign in  with their existing account or create a driver profile on ULTRA4 racing and then click here. Select racers, select shootout and complete registration. Only the first 30 drivers will be selected.  SRRS has selected 20 drivers that they have invited to attend. 30 more will be entered through this registration. Please note: The options for passing Tech for The Vision X Shootout are: 
1. Pass ULTRA4 Tech – See ULTRA4 rules
2. Pass SRRS Tech – See SRRS rules
3. If there is a question on your vehicle’s ability to pass either set of complete tech rules, you can email full specifications of your vehicle to shootout@ultra4racing.com for a technical review. 
need standard safety gear including, helmets, race suits and 5 point harnesses in their vehicles. 

The purse for the 2017 Vision X  Shootout will be $7500 to the fastest vehicle to complete the course. An additional $2500 purse will be awarded to best in show judged by the crowd.
*Drivers that qualify for KOH will still be required to pay all applicable KOH Fees, including Entry, tracker rental and USAC Insurance. Drivers are qualified, cars will still be required to pass the ULTRA4 Tech inspection for consideration for Friday’s race.