Spidertrax Off-Road: Official Axle of Ultra4 Racing

Ultra4 Racing welcomes Spidertrax Off-Road as the Official Axle of Ultra4 Racing. For over a decade, Spidertrax has been designing innovative products for the off-road community. Their components have withstood the test of Ultra4 Racing and many top competitors use Spidertrax products, including: Loren Healy, Jason Scherer and Kevin Sacalas.
Spidertrax has been involved with Ultra4 Racing since the beginning. The Spidertrax Rock Bug driven by Tracy Jordan has been a staple at King of The Hammers races.  Thom Kingston, one of Spidertrax founders is a fixture at many professional off-road competitions from rock crawling to last season’s Ultra4 Series. Many of the photos shared during live coverage of 2011 Ultra4 races were captured by Thom. Ultra4 Racing is proud to partner with such passionate off-road enthusiasts.
Many businesses have come and gone in the decade since Thom Kingston and Eddie Casanueva formed Spidertrax Off-Road. The duo humbly started by producing niche Suzuki products, but they have evolved into leading manufacturers of products as varied as KOH winning axle housings and billet wheel spacers. Innovation is a constant theme at Spidertrax, where hard facts are valued above marketing hype. Their latest Ultra4 specific American made products include Pro Series Hubs and heat treated Spider 9 housings.
For more information on Spidetrax Off-Road please visit their web site at www.spidertrax.com