Schedule of Events – Ultra4 MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede

Thursday April 4th, 2013

12:00PM – Gates open for camping. No pre-running on Thursday

Friday April 5th, 2013

8:00AM Tech and Registration and practice open. ULTRA4 cars that have not teched this year encouraged to arrive early.
12:00PM-4:00PM ULTRA4 Prelims– 15 cars per prelim. Top 4 cars from each advance to Ultra4 Finals on Saturday afternoon
400PM-8:00PM Continuation of Tech and Registration for all classes

Please note: any vehicles that cannot make it for prelims on Friday will automatically be entered into LCQ Heats on Saturday Morning. Drivers arriving on Friday have 3 chances to make it into the main race and drivers arriving on Saturday have 2 chances to make it into the main race.
Saturday April 6th, 2013
All races will be timed events. The driver with the most amount of laps in the fastest time will be considered the winner of each race.  Electronic Transponders will be used and are available to rent for $25.

8:00-8:30AM Prelim for Stock Class
8:45-9:15AM Prelim for UTV Class
9:30-10:00AM Prelim for Modified Class
10:00-10:30AM Track Maintenance
10:30-10:50AM Saturday Morning LCQ Heat A – Top 2 cars from heat advance to Ultra4 Final event. Remaining cars advance to ULTRA4 – B Main
11:00-11:20AM Saturday Morning  LCQ Heat B – Top 2 cars from heat advance to Ultra4 Final event. Remaining cars advance to Ultra4 – B Main
12:00-12:30PM Stock Main Race
1:00-1:30PM UTV Main Race
2:00-2:30PM ULTRA4 B Main – Top driver from this event goes on to Ultra4 Finals – Remaining drivers will receive series points based on their completion in this race
3:00-3:30PM Mod Main
4:00-4:45PM ULTRA4 Finals
5:00PM Awards Ceremony followed by Party