Schedule of Events for Yukon Battle In Bluegrass Race

ULTRA4s at Dirty Turtle Off Road Park
Schedule of Events
Thursday, July 28th

4:00 – 6:00PM Early Registration at ULTRA4 Trailer
Friday, July 29th
9AM – 3PM   Driver ULTRA4 Trailer & trail riding throughout the park.
Park open for trail riding/ course inspection.
3:30PM – Driver’s Meeting before qualifying in hot pits – all qualifying drivers must attend!
4PM – 6:30PM – Qualifying for all classes. – Results of qualifying will be posted on ULTRA4 Trailer following qualifying.
7PM – Team dinner – stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, July 30th
8:30AM         ULTRA4 Driver Meeting in hot pits – all drivers must attend!
*All lap counts for races will be determined on site*

10AM-12PM  UTV Race

1PM – 3PM    Limited (4500, 4600, 4800) Race
4PM – 6PM    ULTRA4(4400) Race
7PM     Awards ceremony and driver dinner