Save The Hammers Immediate Action Needed – Updated 11/10

Thank you to everyone who reacted quickly and reached out to the Senators on behalf of Johnson Valley last week. Your voices are needed to get our elected officials to understand how important this is. While the Marines original request was added to S.1309 AKA the Military Land Withdrawals Act on Thursday, your voices are being heard! Much is happening in Washington to try to find a compromise. At this time, S.1309 has NOT been added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). If that should happen, the House version of the NDAA contains wording to protect Johnson Valley, and it will contradict the Senate’s version which will contain the Marines request for Johnson Valley. If these two bills contain language that conflicts with each other both houses of the Congress must convene a Conference Committee to resolve the conflict. There will be more calls necessary before this is over. As soon as the members of the Conference Committee are appointed, we will send another “call to action” with a specific message to the conferees so we can continue to keep the pressure on to secure a compromise that benefits continued OHV use in Johnson Valley. Thank you for continuing to act quickly when it is needed. It will take all of us to Save Johnson Valley.
OHV Call to Action! Your Immediate Action is required to Save Johnson Valley Weds November 13th 2013

The Senate Arms Service Committee now looks prepared to move their bill S1309 to the floor beginning Thursday with Senator McCain managing (Senator Inhofe is out for his son’s funeral).
It is time again for the OHV Community to engage in the discussion.
Please consider taking some time to participate and extend our reach to your friends, family, and networks that find the value in saving the largest OHV area in the United States, while meeting the training requirements of the USMC. Your participation is paramount to our continued success.
While the Marine Corps let the Cook/Mckeon Compromise go unchallenged in the House of Representatives, we believe they will introduce their Alternative 6 language through Energy and Resources Committee on the Senate side via S 1309.  We must contact these individual members of the Senate to ask them to oppose such language.
1.)  All Organized OHV Associations Leadership must call Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Levin, Sen. McCain. Be prepared to tell them how many members you represent. Activate your Membership!
2.)  Home and property owners in the Johnson Valley must call the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors, and Senator Feinstein.
3.)  Individual OHV Enthusiasts Make the Phones Ring!
The Time Is Now
Messages for call in:
         Stop the Marine Corps land acquisition in Johnson Valley.
         Livefire and the potential for unexploded ordnance in the proximity of recreation lands and within a mile of dozens of homes is insane.
         Approve the House position – a compromise that lets the Marines use the extra land but maneuvering away from the recreation area and without dud-producing live fire
Key talking points:
You are Asking for them to do the following: Do NOT include the Johnson Valley Land Transfer in S. 1309 and definitely do NOT include it in the Senate version of the NDAA
-The Johnson Valley Land Transfer in S 1309 is EXTREMELY controversial. It certainly should not be considered together with other relatively uncontroversial land transfer bills.
-The Marine Corps has never reached out in any meaningful way to the local community on this issue. That’s why all four surrounding cities (Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, Apple Valley, and Hesperia) have passed unanimous resolutions opposing the expansion, as has the County of San Bernardino.
-The House NDAA has compromise language that would allow the Marine Corps to conduct training in the Johnson Valley 60 days a year, while still allowing recreational use the rest of the year. San Bernardino County, all local governments, and the overwhelming majority of local residents support this compromise.
-The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms has already been plagued with intrusions on to base and has even had issues with scrappers crossing on to base and taking unexploded ordinance. By dropping live bombs in the Johnson Valley (a heavily recreated area), it will only be a matter of time before a family is killed by a dud bomb during an inadvertent intrusion on to base land.
As always, be courteous and take your time getting your point across.  It is likely the staffers you are speaking to have no idea what or where Johnson Valley is.  Make a good impression!
This is happening today or tomorrow, so your calls are really important.  We are making a difference.  Now is the time to push harder.


Phone numbers that matter:

         Sen. Feinstein – 202-224-3841
         Chairman Carl Levin (SASC) – 202-224-6221
         Sen. John McCain – 202-224-2235
         Chm. Ron Wyden 202-224-5244
         Sen. Lisa Murkowski – 202-224-6665