Registration for all 2016 KOH Week Races Available Online!

Online Registration for 2016 KOH Week is available online.
Register and pay by December 15th to pay the lowest entry fees of the season!
2016 KOH Week Schedule of Events*:
1/31 – King of The Motos
2/1 –  ULTRA4 vs. SRRS
2/2 – 4 Wheel Parts Qualifying
2/3 –  KOH UTV Race
2/4 – Smittybilt Every Man Challenge Race
2/5 – Nitto King of The Hammers
2/6 – KOH The Experience – Trail Rides for Enthusiasts
*schedule is tentative and subject to change
Online Registration Process
The online registration process can be accessed at All drivers must sign in to register.  The process is straight forward, but should you get stuck, we have created these step-by-step registration instructions. If you have any questions registering, please email Shannon Welch at
Please note:  Online registration is currently for race entry fees only. We will be sharing information regarding required USAC Insurance, GPS Tracking, Tech fees, optional Tent Rentals, parking passes and specific Hammertown location requests for KOH Week in the coming weeks. Notice to International Drivers: You can pay online using our shopping cart this year.
First time Registering for KOH Week?
If you’re new to ULTRA4 Racing and KOH Week, a good first place to start are these helpful links for each race.
Click here to learn about registering for 2016 Nitto King of The Hammers
Click here to learn about registering for 2016 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge
Click here to learn about registering for 2016 KOH UTV Race
Click here to learn about registering for 2016 King of The Motos
NEW FOR 2016
LCQ Will Have It’s Own Hour on Tuesday
New for 2016. The Last Chance Qualifier will be featured in it’s own hour of qualifying on Tuesday. Those hoping to earn a spot in the 2016 KOH later in the week will race back to back in a qualifying hour against other LCQ contestants. No longer will Drivers have to wait until the end of the day on Wednesday to determine if they made the main event. The fastest 5 contestants will earn entry spots. Starting order will still be based upon how those 5 qualified in comparison with the rest of the 4400s qualifying. 
HammerTown Spots
All Drivers (4400, 4500, 4600, 4700, 4800, UTV) that want a 20′ x 80′ spot in Hammertown will pay a nominal $25 fee to reserve a 20′ x 80′ Hammertown Garage Location. In years past we have issued 40′ x 80′ hammertown spots to all registered drivers. Not all teams need this much space and we want to get as many teams inside hammertown as possible. Registered drivers can reserve up to two (2) Hammertown 20′ x 80′ spots if they require a 40′ x 80′ spot for their team.   PLEASE NOTE: Only two 20′ x 80′ Hammertown spots per registered driver will be issued. You cannot reserve more than two registered spots per driver, drivers can share space if they would like.
Hammertown location requests AND Tent Rentals will be announced in the coming weeks once the 2016 Hammertown map is released. Specific location requests in Hammertown will be considered by the date that $25 Hammertown Garage spot reservations were paid. If you do not reserve a Hammertown Address, you will not be assigned a spot in Hammertown and may camp outside of Hammertown.
Drivers that wish to reserve an upgraded end cap for an additional $100 or $500 depending on location may do so ONLY when upgraded spots/locations requests are are announced. 
Motos riders will be given a shared location inside of Hammertown in which to camp as they have in years past. However, if Motos drivers are wishing to stay beyond Sunday 1/31 for the week, they are encouraged to purchase a 20′ x 80′ garage spot!   

One UTV Class
For 2016 we will have one UTV class and not be dividing the class. This class will race for a purse at all races throughout the season. Entry fees for KOH have been kept the same as last year’s Pro price and entry fees throughout the season will be lowed.
Guaranteed Purse for 4500, 4600 and UTV Classes at EVERY Regional Race
The 4500, 4600  and UTV Classes will have a $1000 purse payable to 3rd at all regional races in 2016. The 4800 legends class will remain a trophy class. 4400 Purse will remain $10,000 per regional race payable to 3rd.
Guaranteed Series Purse for ALL Classes
All classes will have an East Coast and West Coast Series purse. This purse will be 30% of entry fees for the season and payable to 10th place for each class including legends class.

Reduced Fees for Drivers Committed to Racing the 2016 Series
We are continuing to offer reduced fees for drivers that commit to racing the 2014 ULTRA4 series. These reduced costs are available for 4400, 4500, 4600, 4800 and UTV drivers. Drivers that commit to racing either the Eastern Series or the Western Series will receive significantly reduced entry fees. When registering online, drivers can commit to racing the series by selecting their race from the drop down box and selecting the race titled ‘WITH series commitment’. If you choose the “WITH series commitment option” you will be required to commit to at least one regional series. Those drivers that commit to the series will be billed after KOH and before the 2016 Regional Series starts and will have the option of paying a one time fee or a monthly rate. Please see below for an overview of entry fees by class for the 2016 season.
Race Fees Breakdown by Class and Race
The earlier you register, the lower the fees. Pay by December 15th to receive the cheapest registration prices of the season! 
Below are the entry fees broken down for the entire 2016 season. We are offering a 3% discount to those who wish to pay by check. The series price is the cost to race for those that commit to racing a series as outlined above. The single race price is the the cost for drivers who wish to pay per race. ULTRA4 Drivers that commit to the series will save as much as $1000 on race fees over drivers that pay per race. Stock/Mod/UTV Pro drivers that commit to the series will save over $700 on race fees over the season vs. drivers that pay per race.
Please Note: If you commit to the series, you only have to pay for KOH Week Race Costs at this time. Regional Race Costs will be due Post KOH. 
KOH Week Race Costs

2016 Regional Race Costs


Nitto National Championship Pricing