RCV ULTRA4s vs. SRRS Rock Bouncer Shootout!

Thanks to RCV, Raceline, Interco, and Nitto, the ULTRA4s vs. Rock Bouncer shootout will return to Arkansas for the 2nd annual Shootout. Shootout starts at 6:00 PM, so ULTRA4 drivers will have  time to repair vehicles before the shootout. We will also have lights on site for spectators to watch as this shootout will go into the dark just like at Backdoor!

The shootout will feature 30 vehicles. We are only taking 15 ULTRA4s and SRRS is only taking 15 Rock Bouncers. The cost to enter is $100 a car. Purse is $7500 to the fastest overall winner and $2500 to the fastest driver of the opposite class. So if a Rock Bouncer wins, the fastest ULTRA4 gets the $2500 purse. Entry is first come first serve! 
Rock Bouncers should contact Clyde with SRRS to enter. His email is Clyde@southernrockracing.com 

Click here to purchase one of the 15 ULTRA4 spots!