PSC Takes Top 3 at Rausch Creek

PSC Motorsports congratulates all the Ultra4 participants from the May 21st 4WD Hardware Rausch Creek Qualifier presented by ATX Wheels.
A proud sponsor of the Ultra4 race series, PSC was ecstatic when not one, not two, but all three top finishers at Rausch Creek were running PSC components.
The drivers were continuously reminded of the tagline used to promote the event, “this aint no desert race” as they battled rain and mud along the slippery course as well as tight tree line sections that really tested the steering components of each rig.
The courses rough terrain and the days brutal weather made it anyone’s race to win.  As leaders continued to be eliminated one by one, there was no telling who would steer their way to victory.  By the end of the day, less than 40% of the cars that started finished all 5 laps.
Ultimately Torchmate Racing’s Rusty Bray #4498 claimed the checkered flag, followed by Brian Shirley #18 and Derek West #4420.  In our minds – a triple win for PSC and a true testament to the brand.
Each of the 2011 Ultra4 Series races are also qualifiers for the 2012 King of the Hammers race being held next February in Johnson Valley, CA.  Only one driver in the top 10 already qualified for King of the Hammers, which left a minimum of 9 qualifying spots available. Given the brutality of the course, Hammerking’s executive director, Dave Cole awarded King of The Hammers spots to all drivers who successfully completed this challenging race.
Congratulations to all the drivers.
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