Pre-Race KOM Update From Jimmy Lewis

2014 King Of The Motos Presented by Trail Tech Pre-Race Rider Newsletter
Here is an informational newsletter with a lot of the information that has just been figured out or communications we feel you need to know about. Please read it completely as I will not answer any questions explained here, but refer you to this communication.
As of right now we have 84 confirmed entries and will allow 10 more amateur and 10 more pro class entries on site at the event. Once they are gone, they are gone. Due to the planning of the event and our time schedule, we cannot accommodate any more. If you post enter you will only get a chance to set a qualifying time if we have time available on Saturday after all the pre-entrants have qualified. With no time, post entrants will start at the rear of the pack on Sunday regardless of class.
There is a limited amount of parking for Motos entrants inside Hammertown just inside the first gate you come to. We will have to squeeze together to get as many as want to park and camp inside the fence. When it is full, it is full and you will have to park outside. Outside there is open camping anyplace you’d like. The pit row for the Sunday is along the fence of the short course, a different location than the Motos Camping area. There will be plenty of room here but you cannot camp or park there other than during the time between the two races.
Johnton Valley OHV area is an open area that you may ride in at any time. Entrants included. You can ride anywhere it is legal, even on our course if you think you know where it goes. The actual course will be released to riders on Friday morning at 9AM. The qualifying course will also be revealed and open to sighting (carefully, as it could be congested) any time after 9AM on Friday. Be very careful of campers, other riders and recreational users any time you are on the course. If you would like a practice course to learn the GPS, see, or email Jimmy Lewis.
You will not need a GPS for the Qualifier, it will be marked and easy to follow.  We will run the qualifier in this order: Teams (who ride it together), Pros, Amateurs . The order the riders go will be determined by random draw at the riders meeting.
We are looking for a few riders to do a demo on Monday Evening at the SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks Shoot Out at Back Door. Those selected will receive substantial publicity, perhaps more  than anything else you do all year! See Jimmy Lewis to inquire at the event.
Planning for the pits, here is what you need to know. Your bike needs to go 40 miles on the first loop on fuel. If you sight the course on Friday or Saturday you can decide if you’ll need to carry some extra. For the second loop, there will be a remote pit you will go through twice. It is at race mile 13 and race mile 18. I can’t emphasize it is not mileage but time that uses gas on the second loop. Additionally riders should think about water and food, for body and bike at this pit. We will transport gas cans and anything easily attached and not easily damaged to the remote pit. NO BIKE PARTS! There is no outside assistance at the remote pit and we do not recommend that crews try and access this point.
The spectator areas will be clearly outlined on maps provided at Hammertown. These are the only areas where we can allow spectaotors.  And they are truly the best areas to watch the race, especially the start of the PM race. There will be a Jumbotron located in Hammertown broadcasting the live race feed during the event. (And then the Super Bowl.)
Between the AM and PM loops the bikes will be staged in a Parc Freme area where only the rider will be able to work on it. Parts and tools may be passed to the rider but only riders on the bike side of the fence.
You will have to have your bike teched before the start. We will make sure the bike is safe and legal as well as sound test it can check for a spark arrestor. If you need to purchase an out of state OHV permit there will be someone in Hammertown selling those. Tech will be open from 9AM to NOON then from  4 PM to 6PM on Friday and from 10AM to Noon on Saturday. There will be a last minute tech available on the start line on Sunday Morning if a rider needs it.
On a land use note, this may be the last time you will be able to race in the large section of land that the Marines now own.
When you arrive at the race site you will have to sign a release to get a wristband to get into Hammertown. Then at Sign-In you will receive the proper bands you and your people will need.
You will need a GPS in order to follow the course. It is part of the race’s unique nature. We will have some markings in confusing spots but the GPS is the only way to really know where to go. Additionally if there is any discrepancy or protest, your track log is your evidence (or undoing).  Trackers will be used on the Pro riders and more information about that will be available on site. GPS training will be available from Trail Tech on sight and the schedule will be posted at Tech.  If you would like a practice track log to learn the GPS, see  or email Jimmy Lewis.
Plan some time to get interviewed from the KOM Media team. We will have more information when you arrive but one of the biggest differences in this race is the amount of coverage you as a rider can generate. The webcast is massive and interlaced during the live feed are interviews conducted before the event. We will have Dave Brosiusaz and Scotty Bloom live announcing during the qualifying and race so they can also use background information on your story.
King Of The Motos Schedule:
Friday January 31st, 2014

9:00 AM Registration Opens – Means Dry Lake Bed
9:00 AM – Noon,  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Tech open
 9:00 Course sighting Opens

Saturday February 1st, 2014

Continue Registration and course sighting
10:00 AM – Noon Tech Open
12:00 PM Mandatory King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech Riders Meeting
2:00 PM King of the Motos Qualifying Begins
 5:00 PM King of the Motos Qualifying Ends

Sunday February 2nd, 2014

7:30 Rider Staging in Short Course Area- Last Minute Tech Inspection.
8:00 AM Start of King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech Stage 1
 11:00 AM End of King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech Stage 1
11:30 PM Rider Staging at Loop 2 Start
 12:00 PM Start of King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech Stage 2
5:00 PM End of King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech Stage 2