PitBull Tires continues Support of the 2011 KOH UTV race

Johnson Valley OHV area California.
The Toughest off-road race on the planet will entertain an interesting spin on the format when the Stand alone Pitbull UTV version of the race charges into the inhospitable deserts of Johnson Valley for the 3rd time Feb 10th as part of the week long off-road social experiment known around the world as KOH.
Pitbull tires again, leads the charge and will offer $5000.00 in prize money to the victors. This year’s 40 mile UTV race will find itself travelling through not only the wide variety of desert terrain in Johnson Valley, but will include 2 extreme trails from the collection of the Hammers. “This is the best course we have had in the 3 years” said Jeff Knoll of Hammerking productions who went on to add that the course is very well rounded and difficult, but will not require a specifically built UTV. “We used a nearly stock Kawasaki Teryx to test the race course.” Hammerking hopes that it can continue to grow the UTV format and will offer an additional race inside its 2011 Ultra4 tour. “Pitbull tires are extremely well suited for this type of racing” commented Dave Cole co-creator of the KOH family of events. Basic safety gear is the only requirement to participate in the race.
The Pitbull Tires UTV race is limited to the first 50 UTV’s that sign up, and will take place as part of the weeklong KOH event on Thursday Feb 10th at 8:00 am. Following the UTV race will be an interactive Vendor show, and Kawasaki Teryx demo rides.  To participate in the 3rd annual Pitbull tires UTV please submit a complete entry form.