Parking Stickers for Competitors and Teams

Hammertown Garage Parking StickersParking Stickers must be purchased when signing up for your Pit/Driver/Co-Driver USAC at
We will again be issuing each driver of record Hammertown parking stickers. Only stickered vehicles are allowed to drive, park and camp in the Hammertown Garage areas. You will not be able to enter the Hammertown Garages without stickers. 
Pre-ordered Parking Stickers can be picked up at the FRONT GATE on Boone Rd. 
Each driver of record in the KOH, EMC and UTV Races will be given 5 stickers with their entry fee:

3 vehicle stickers for use on Trucks, Cars
1 competition vehicle sticker for use on race vehicle
1 Pit Bike/UTV/sticker for use on pit vehicleOnly the driver of record can pick up these 5 passes – When registering for your a USAC drivers license, drivers are able to purchase additional parking passes as well. These cannot be bought on their own and must be purchased with USAC license. Every pit crew and co-driver is able to purchase their own parking stickers.

NEW Camper Passes requiredHammertown Parking stickers are no longer valid for Camping Vehicles (RVs, Toters, campers, etc). For 2019, every camping vehicle (Camper, RV, Trailer, Toter, Semi with living quarters, etc) will be $20 per camping vehicle for the week. This is for ALL camping in Johnson Valley (both inside and outside of Hammertown). The cost for the camper pass is $20. 
Pre-order Additional Parking Stickers: 
Additional stickers may be pre-ordered by Drivers/Co-drivers/Pit Crew only when purchasing their official USAC license until 1/20. Truck and Car Stickers are $25UTV/Moto Stickers are $10 
 These stickers can also be purchased on the Lakebed. Please have cash if purchasing stickers on site. Those purchasing the sticker will need to have a driver, co-driver or pit band in order to purchase Hammertown parking stickers. 
You will not be able to park at your Hammertown Garage without these stickers.
The Hammertown Vendor area is still open to spectators, teams and crew alike. This is for driving, camping and parking in the Hammertown garages.