PAC Racing Springs #4418 Descends on Arkansas

April 45h and 6th: Hot Springs, AK
The PAC Racing Springs Ultra4 Team was determined to come home with a victory. The car was fresh for this race, with a reengineered front suspension and a brand new 410 cu in LS engine. The power plant features some of the best products in the industry, including PAC Racing Springs, Trick Flow Specialties, and K1 Technologies.. The system put down a very respectable 367hp to the dyno after passing through the heavy duty drivetrain and 130# BF Goodrich tires and Trail Ready wheels.
Ready for battle, we ascended on Hot Springs AK. We spent the better half of Friday pre-running the course and getting comfortable with our new found power. Come evening, it was time to qualify. Last year we consistently qualified respectably, but not at the front. The qualifying course was difficult rock-based course called Ingerids. We watched as teams were consistently putting down 1 minute runs up the mountain. When our turn came up, we took off and the car was FAST…really fast and that coupled with a relatively clean run we were optimistic our 49.88 second run would have us near the front. When the rocks stopped flying, we would end up in 4th position, just 0.03 seconds off 3rd and a mere 2 seconds off the pole position. This was clearly attributable to the wide torque band of the new engine.
After qualifying we looked the car over and discovered some damage to the transfer case. We would spend the evening repairing the damage and prepping for race day. Saturday morning at 9:15 we left the line….and would hold our well-earned position of 4th after 2 laps. At the halfway point, the car was working very well and our position on the podium was in our sights…unfortunately we would suffer catastrophic failure of the rear end that would end our day.
The new car for this season is very fast – look for us on a podium at the Badlands, Sturgis, and out west at the nationals. The car is capable and the team has the drive.