Open Letter to ULTRA4 Teams Regarding 2014 Season

PDF download of letter available here.
Open Letter to all ULTRA4, EMC, and UTV drivers.
As we prepare for the Nitto National Championships in Las Vegas and 2013 season winds down, I wanted to share my plans for the 2014 season, specifically; season schedule, series purse, entry fee breakdown, and class additions.  There are several changes in the coming year.  I will try to make this brief and succinct.
We had 221 (as of Hot Springs) different Ultra4 drivers this year.  Only 24 of those drivers (16 West/8 East) competed in all of the region’s events.  We averaged 29 racers per race on the East Coast and 50 on the West.  90% of our racers do not compete in the full series.  While our numbers are good, and the influx of new drivers per race (Averaging 8 new drivers per event) indicates growth, the stability of the series comes from consistent entries from race to race.  If we can maintain growth and convert the “typical” racer from KOH/ 1 series race/ Nationals to a full series, we will increase car counts and stability.
To achieve that, I plan to reduce costs to the drivers, increase revenue to the drivers, provide a realistically achievable schedule based on repair cycles, and make those races entertaining and easy to get to.
If you commit to the entire series (East or West) you will save 16% over last year’s entry fees ($3525 including KOH and Nationals compared to $4125).  If you pay by the race the cost goes up to $725 per race.  We will reward the drivers that make up the core of the series and make up the deficit with the transient teams.  Secondarily, we are introducing an additional Series Purse.  $30,000 for each Regional Series, payable to 10th place.  The Regional Series will consist of the Griffin King of the Hammers, Three East or West coast races, and the Nitto National Championships.

Griffin King of the Hammers 2/7


Metal Cloak Stampede 5/31
RCV Hot Springs Shootout 4/5

4WPW Glen Helen Grand Prix 7/12
Badlands UMC 6/28

American Rocksports Challenge 8/23
Bill Baird Motorsports Open 9/20

Nitto National Championships 10/18

With the addition of the Series Purse, the total purse for the Ultra4 Class alone in 2014 will be no less than $172,500.  This does not include Mod, Stock, Spec, Legends, or UTV Pro.
Series Purse Payout Schedule, payable at year end to both East and West coast series participants:

Series Standing











You may be wondering how we are including KOH as a series race when we could be potentially excluding racers that aren’t qualified.  In a significant departure from the history of the race, Teams will be able to secure their spot in the big race if they commit to entire 2014 season.  There will be a significant premium ($2500) charged to those teams that have not qualified in.
Class Additions:
In 2014 we will be introducing two new classes to the EMC series of races while simplifying our approach with UTVS’s.
New for 2014 are the Mopar Performance Spec Series and Legends Class.  The Mopar Spec Series will pit identical Jimmys 4×4 designed tube chassis JK’s with Factory Supported Hemi motors in a true drivers class.  Look for a separate press release detailing the class and cars, but Hammerking will own and rent the first 6 cars with chassis available for private sale as well.  The cars will be at every West Coast race and also be available for excursion rental at the Hammers, Rubicon or Moab.  The intent is to have a drivers class with low barrier to entry and high payout.  The Legends Class is designed to fill the gap of teams that want to experience the race but don’t have a competitive Ultra4 car.  The rules are simple…2 or more seats, front engine, solid axle, single shock per corner, 37” tires.
The Rubicon Express Modified Class and Pro Comp Stock Class will see a more evolved series payout and entry fee schedule structured similarly to Ultra4.
The UTV Class is going to see a reduction in Classes… Pros and Sportsman.  Pros will race for a purse while Sportsman will be a reduced entry Trophy Class.
Bigger Crowds:
We have been fortunate to garner large crowds at KOH.  Next year my focus will be increasing the fan base at regional races.  If we have fans, vendors will come.  Vendors turn into sponsors.  Crowds make you more valuable to your sponsors plus it is just cool to peel out in front of thousands of people.
To achieve this goal, I will be investing $80,000 in field marketing efforts at Miller Motorsports Park and Badlands.  We will use what we learn at those events across the series in 2015.
I will be reviewing this data and much more at our Business Review on Thursday 9/26 at 8:00 PM in the Treasure Island Banquet room an hour before the Drivers meeting for Nationals.  Hope to see you there.
If you have any questions, please call me on my cell any time.
909 273 0216