Official Statement on the Lasernut Stampede Cancellation

A difficult decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Lasernut Stampede, the first of three Lasernut Western Regional Ultra4 events this year. We have consulted experts from a variety of fields and believe under the current circumstances our decision is ultimately what is best. 
We want to be clear that as of today we are not being forced to cancel this event by any involved authorities. However, with the uncertainty that exists surrounding the COVID-19 situation a last minute mandated cancellation was probable.
The Reno National Championships held in late October will now be counted as a points event for the Ultra4 Lasernut Western Regional Series as well as the Ultra4 Nitto National Championship. 
The rest of the 2020 Ultra4 Regional Series events will run as scheduled starting with:
Battle in Bluegrass (east) – Rush, Kentucky – April 17, 2020 
El Rey de Las Bajas (west) – San Felipe, Baja California – May 15, 2020
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Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas
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