New for 2014: Post Race Vehicle Inspections

The purpose of this communication is to address inconsistencies in the adherence and enforcement of the ULTRA4 rulebook specifically regarding the Stock Class (4600).
Effective immediately, a post race inspection will be conducted to determine non-safety based tech infactions.  Body panels, wheelbase, fender trimming, suspension configuration, etc will all be subjected to verification.  The post race inspection will be limited to the top 3 finishers and any other cars that are challenged by their peers.
Time penalties will be assessed per transgression up to and including disqualification for malicious or repetitive transgressions.
To clarify the body rules.  Front outer fenders can be replaced by aftermarket OEM style replacements (  Tube doors are permitted ( but must open and close.  Tail gates will be considered doors.  All other body panels must be OEM (or OEM replacement).