More Information About Racing In Mexico

San Felipe – I do not recall being so excited about putting on a race. 

The course is amazing and will only have one pit. The rocks are so big we may have to limit the number of laps you do in the rocks. The town is incredibly excited to see you all do what you do.
Some more information about coming to Mexico:

This race is important to both our series and local community. As such, to encourage participation, every racer that completes the course in time, regardless of class, will earn an invite to KOH 2020. The winners of each class will also get a free entry to Ridgecrest in September 2019. 

I’ve been asked time and time again if I knew KOH would be what it has become. I’m positive that in 10 years we will be looking back at this first race in San Felipe as the start of something wonderful and the beginning of the race for future generations. Hope to see you there.

We will be doing a roster of entries that will be submitted to the border. If your race car is not registered with your DMV you will need to be on the roster with your Ultra4 Tech Band number.

If your US-based insurance does not cover your chase vehicles south of the border (which is likely), we have put together a program with Baja Bound Insurance to provide easy, affordable, and reliable coverage for your vehicles. I have used Baja Bound since my first trip to Baja and they are a fantastic company to work with.

We will be doing caravans on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of race week. We will meet at the truck stop north of the Calexico EAST entry at 11:00 AM. We will have representatives from the Tourism Department meeting you at the border and arranging for an escort through Mexicali. None of this is required. I have crossed 5 times in the last 2 months with and without trailers. You need registration for all vehicles and trailers. Other than that it is just like driving through any other city.

This will be a Yellow Brick Race. Registration will be done onsite

This will be a no chase race, just like the rest of our races. There will be one main pit.

Please email me if you would like to cross in a caravan. Indicate your desired crossing date and time. I will group everyone together and make a plan. Include your cell number in the email.

ALL PARTICIPANTS — send Dave an email with the following information. We will be submitting this list to Mexican Immigration:

Car number

Ultra4 Tech Band Number

Inventory of all big parts you will be bringing south




Spare Tires



Tow rig, trailer, and ANY support vehicles (including buggies and UTVs) must have a valid registration

The race car will refer to the U4 tech band

When you are crossing and do you want to caravan

Will you be at the Thursday party? Number of Vehicle

There is zero tolerance for guns and ammo. Remove all guns and ammo from your possession before you cross. This is imperative.


If you need race fuel, your contact is Cristy at F&L Fuel. Please contact her by next Friday.


If you can run on Premium pump gas, you are good at Pemex

You are good to cross with a full tank in the race car.

Schedule of events:

Tuesday – Trail ride out to waterfalls and to see some prospective future race course

10:00 AM

Wednesday – Pre Running Opens

Thursday – Registration and Party on the Malecon

3:00 PM at Baja Mar Restaurant

Security and reserved parking

Friday – Qualifying

3:00 PM

Saturday Race

8:00 AM UTV and Stock

12:00 PM 4400, 4500,4800

Awards at El Cortez

8:00 PM

Operations Plan

I am proud of our relationship Alfonso (Poncho) Lacarra. He and the CODE Off Road Racing Organization have been working with us from Day 1 to make this the best possible event. If you see a CODE official or volunteer, please extend your appreciation. Without them, this race would not be possible.

Medical Plan

We will have EMTs on the ground and are partnering with the local clinic and Aero Medivac, based out of San Diego to have air rescue on call. If it is deemed necessary to be air evacuated back to the states, you will be wheels up in less than 2 hours from the time it is called. Our medical insurance covers re-patriation costs.

Vehicle Insurance

If your US based insurance does not cover your support vehicles south of the border (likely), we have put together a program with Baja Bound Insurance to provide easy, affordable, and reliable coverage for your vehicles. I have used Baja Bound since my first trip to Baja, they are a fantastic company to work with.


You have three different styles of accommodations to choose from. You can rent a house, stay in a hotel, or camp. The hotels that we give you numbers for are all secure and have guaranteed extra security for the week we are there. The houses are wonderful and you can rent properties that have multi-car garages as well. We have three different camping options. There is limited beach-front space at the famous Pete’s Camp. There is also limited power and water hookups at Vista Del Mar and the 3rd option is at storage facility very close to the race course that is fully locked down 24 hours/day. All camping is within 3 miles of the race course. You can drive your race car/UTV or chase vehicle from any of the accommodations to the race course. See the phone numbers below.

For Accommodations at our Host Hotel, El Cortez:

Contact: Jorge Rodriguez Jr.

Phone: (619) 864-6213


 For House Rentals in the Area:

Contact: Cesar

Phone: (760) 554-3558

For Pete’s Beach-Front Dry Camping:

Phone: 52-951-694-6704 Remember, we are guests in a foreign country…we are also ambassadors of ours. We are excited for this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you all in San Felipe. As always, call if you have any questions.