Makers of innovative 4WD recovery gear adding support and increased traction to renowned off-road series

JOHNSON VALLEY, Calif. (Jan. 17, 2024) – King of the Hammers, known as the toughest two weeks of one-day, off-road races in the world, is proud to announce its latest partnership. MAXTRAX has been named the official traction board of the Every Man Challenge at the 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries. This partnership brings an innovative piece of recovery gear to one of the most grueling races at King of the Hammers, challenging four classes of vehicles on the racecourse in the California desert from Jan. 18 through Feb. 3, 2024.

“We’re proud to partner with MAXTRAX and to welcome them into the KOH family, especially given our shared focus on innovation and best-in-class performance,” said Mike Jams, chief executive officer of Hammerking Productions. “MAXTRAX is a safe, simple and effective solution, and easily the best choice of traction boards for racers and off-road enthusiasts alike.”

Although first developed and distributed in Australia, MAXTRAX has since taken off worldwide thanks to its innovative products and hands-on research. Guided by the principle of offering safer and simpler vehicle recoveries, MAXTRAX traction boards are lightweight, easy to use and provide traction to leverage vehicle weight to get out of nearly any situation. Alongside the original MAXTRAX MKII and XTREME traction boards which are recommended for larger vehicles and more advanced recoveries, MAXTRAX are excited to launch the all-new MAXTRAX LITE traction board at King of the Hammers. The LITE traction boards carry the same MAXTRAX DNA of the premium tracks but at half the weight, making them the ideal traction board for smaller off-road vehicles.

“We’re thrilled to bring MAXTRAX to the event as the official traction board of the Every Man Challenge,” said Tim Cromer, director of U.S. sales at MAXTRAX. “MAXTRAX inspires individuals to the level of adventure that the King of the Hammers is famous for curating at its event. We are confident that this partnership will be beneficial to both brands as we engage with a broader audience of enthusiasts.”

Additionally, MAXTRAX has announced a strategic partnership with Miller Brothers Racing. This collaboration is set to bring MAXTRAX’s innovative recovery gear to the forefront of the off-road racing scene alongside Hunter and Cody Miller. With over two decades of experience combined, the Miller brothers have secured various national championships and are synonymous with excellence in the UTV category. Their first-class driving skills, strategic planning and innovative approach to racing have distinguished them as leaders in the sport.

“Teaming up with MAXTRAX is a natural fit for us,” stated Hunter and Cody Miller. “We’ve always aimed to align with brands that enhance our racing strategy, and MAXTRAX’s reputation for providing superior recovery solutions is unmatched. We look forward to conquering the challenging terrains of KOH together.”

The 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries is more than just a race; it’s an experience connecting competitors and fans worldwide. King of the Hammers is nearly a dozen days of racing off-road vehicles of every shape and size, catering to individuals tinkering in their garages building their own racecars and professionally-sponsored teams. The camaraderie of King of the Hammers brings competitors and fans to the lakebed equally, with the competition elevating yearly.

The 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries is set to kick off on Jan. 18, 2024, in Johnson Valley, California. Whether aiming to fulfill a bucket list goal or revisit a storied lakebed of perseverance and triumph, the event promises a celebration of unforgettable off-roading memories and epic racing.

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