King of the Hammers Rookie Class 2023 Results & 2024 Inquiry Form


King of the Hammers Rookie Class of 2023

The 2024 Rookie Program will be available soon.


Congratulations to our Inaugural 2023 King of the Hammers Rookie Program Finishers and Award Recipients:

Watch the season unfold on our YouTube, as Quest to the Crown chronicles the story of the 2023 King of the Hammers Rookie Program here:


Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship Official Race Finishers
Robert Parker – Highest Rookie Finisher 4900 Overall (9th) and Highest Rookie Finisher Pro-Mod
Ben Cahill – Highest Rookie Finisher 4900 Pro Stock Turbo
Jake Godfrey
Payton Isbell
Michael Adams

4WP Every Man Challenge Official Race Finishers
Troy Digby – Highest Rookie Finisher 4500 and 2nd place overall 4500 Class
Jay Schwab – Highest Rookie Finisher 4800 and 11th place overall EMC
Peter Doolan 3rd place overall 4500 Class
Jeff Watson

Nitto Race of Kings Official Race Finisher
Aaron Smith – Highest Rookie Finisher 4400

Nitto Race of Kings Qualifying Course Rookie Finishers
John Webster
Brent Moffett
Christian Basse
Aaron Smith
William McGibbon
BJ Carter
Mike Spindler
Randy Burke

Go Getter Awards (Voted by Peers)
4400 - Brent Moffett
EMC - Russell Raven
4900 - Martin Duffy

Rookie of the Year
As the Rookie Program developed through the year, sportsmanship, willingness to help others, participation in the Rookie group and overall attitudes were shown from many. Rookie of the Year for this initial program was not just performance on the track, but the overall person. Keeping the program goals of camaraderie and forging achievements in mind, when discussing awarding Rookie of the Year one name was reoccurring among competitors, staff, production, and fans. Building his car from the ground up into a racecar, helping others for years before putting work into his own, humbled upon presentation, Hammerking Productions is proud to award the Inaugural 2023 King of the Hammers Rookie of the Year to Randy Burke.


King of the Hammers Rookie I noun I (roo-ke) a competitor that has never driven a vehicle during a King of the Hammers event. KOH driver. Newbie, newb, beginner, novice, freshman, apprentice. Ultra4 Regional Series driver of record accepted as KOH rookie.