KLiM King of The Motos Newsletter #2

Here is some helpful information to help you plan for a successful KOM in 2015. If you have any specific questions about the race itself after reading this, reach out at me via email at jimmy@jimmylewisoffroad.com hopefully before January 19th as I will be in Hammertown and email can be spotty leading up to just a few days before our event. If you have questions about sign-up, contact shannon@ultra4racing.com
The schedule for the event is posted here: http://ultra4racing.com/the-inside-line/2015-koh-week-schedule/
Click here for the current list of registered riders. If you’re not registered yet, you can still register online. Click here to get started.
Specific MOTOS times:
Sat  Jan 31:
10 AM-4 PM tech inspection
12 noon Trail Tech GPS Q&A
6 PM MANDATORY riders meeting where we will check you off for start position and hand out maps
4:30PM-8PM course GPS downloads at rider’s meeting location
Sun Feb 1:
7 AM late tech
8 AM Start Loop 1 for Amateur and Teams
9 AM start Loop 1 for Pro riders
(Bikes will stay impounded between loops, only riders to work on them)
12PM  ALL start Loop 2
3 PM First place rider can receive checkered flag.
Other important notes:
Johnson Valley Open Area is open for public riding and driving plus there will be car pre-running going on Friday and Saturday. Be careful!
We have a limited parking area inside the Hammertown fences (100-132 Trail Gear Ave if you look on the map http://ultra4racing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-Hammertown-no-Vendors.jpg) It is on the South-East corner of the fence at GATE 1. There is no need or requirement for Motos to park or camp in there, but you can as it is first come, first served with the exception of some reserved spaces for volunteer workers. Please be respectful and understand the car teams pay a lot of money for the parking and garage spaces inside Hammertown. Your rider wristband will get you in and out of Hammertown easily and the spectator pass available at the main gate on the way in is all any of your friends/family/helpers will need to get in or out during reasonable hours.
Our course mileages are Lap 1-28 miles, Loop2-14 miles. Loop 2 will be run in laps for at least three hours. Riders not on the lead lap will be pulled as they cross the finish line. All pitting will be done on the edge of the course in Hammertown with pit vehicles and support on one side of the fence, riders and bikes on the other. You can move vehicles into that area on SUNDAY morning only.
The course will not be marked much at all, only for clarification. All marking will be explained at the riders meeting.  Your GPS track log will show you exactly where to go. All waypoints must be passed in the correct direction only and some will be physical CPs that will be marked and easy to identify. Waypoints that are not CPs are to help you navigate, you will understand when you see where they are (trail crossings, road crossings, directing you in or out of canyons or to the only way through an area.)
There is NO OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE allowed at all by anyone outside of other racers or course officials working for your safety. ALL INFRACTIONS WILL BE DQed.
We will have available a GPS testing section that will mimic the exact way the course will be given to you. You can come and get it in the Motos Pit Area starting on Friday Jan 30th in the morning. It will be in .GPX format and not with reduced number of points for Garmin. For the race we highly recommend a GPS like the Trail Tech Voyager that can store a large number of tracking points (one loop is over 13,000 with 40+ waypoints). We will have a truncated track log for Garmin but it will be a disadvantage in the more technical areas. We know because we tested it a lot when we decided to go with no pre-running. Trail Tech has a discount for Voyagers, Billet Protectors for Voyager and on cooling fans available for KOM entrants. We can get you codes or you can just call them and tell them you are an entrant. The entire course was set up and verified with a Trail Tech Voyager using 250ft and 1500ft zoom levels on the map page.
We are experimenting with a GPS APP for tracking riders. If you carry an iphone (it is only iphone now) you can download the app (http://gps.motionx.com/) $0.99 and set it to track you and update your location to a map page. We will announce what map page code we will be using at the rider’s meeting. This way people at the event with cell coverage or WiFi and the link to the map can view a riders position during the event. You can also do this with a number of satellite trackers on a personal level such as SPOT and DeLorme InReach. This is just to assist helpers and friends in an easy way to see locations.
If there is any discrepancy of course cutting your provided track log is your first line of proof. It will show exactly where you went. If you miss a manned CP your numberplate or card will not be marked and the only way to prove otherwise is with a GPS track. It is very easy to distinguish course cutting and being lost with the GPS track. We will have visual spotters in key areas as well. You will need to know how to stay on track. (Again, we will have a GPS course on Saturday and possibly one earlier. We may even have a video to explain it released on the KOM Facebook page in the week leading up to the event.) Difficult sections or confusing areas will have marking.
For fuel range we used a 2006 KTM 200 XC and went on reserve at the end of each lap (yes, after 14-miles, a lot came out of the vent hoses, we suspect. Steep inclines will do that.) For gearing and tires, both loops have 100 mph sections and 0 mph sections.
If you go looking for course markings before the race have fun, we know you are looking for course markings and we intend to have fun with that. The course will be secret to everyone till the riders meeting, as will be the start locations.
Starting pick on the LAP 1 line is based on the order you signed up. The only exception is the top-ten pros from last year will have the first 10 picks if they return to the race. The LOOP2 start is based on the order riders cross the LAP 1 finish. LAP 1 will not be timed, it is just to warm you up and decide the start pick for LOOP 2. But the sooner you finish the longer you will have to rest up and work on your bike. We will have an award for any Amateur if they are the first to finish LOOP 1 before a Pro. You can start LOOP 2 as long as you finish LAP 1, even after 12 noon. A rider will be considered a finisher if they finish both LAP 1 and LOOP 2.
If I can give any advice (and this is all the advice I will give) it would be to be in incredible shape and very well hydrated for the race. Have a bike that does not overheat, is easy to start and very light and nimble but can also go fast when it needs to. Teach yourself how to find traction where there is very little and balance yourself and the bike in very awkward configurations. And have fun enjoying pain! I’m honored that so many of you take up this challenge and amazed at the skill level that shines through every year.  See you in Hammertown!
If any racers are staying throughout the week and are interested in helping  volunteer during the week for the car races (a lot of car racers help us out, so give back) please let me ( Or Simon Saines simon@ultra4racing.com ) know and we can put you to work on your bike.
Jimmy Lewis

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