King of The Motos – Open Letter to Motos Riders

Open Letter to the Off-Road Motorcycle Community,
2014 marks the 3rd annual King of the Motos race held in Johnson Valley, CA.  As the founder of King of The Hammers, I created this race because I believe in grass roots extreme off road racing. I want to show the world that the best two-wheel athletes are racing extreme enduros; not only abroad, but also here in the United States. Southern California is home to many of the world’s top Moto riders and what better place to showcase their talents than in the diverse terrain offered by Johnson Valley, CA?
Because this is only our third year, we are still working to find the right combination of challenging terrain, entry fees and number of registered riders to make King of The Motos the best race it can be. I have enlisted the feedback of former and potential riders on how we can make this event better. Based on their input, we are making some changes effective immediately for 2014.
The 10K purse will be paid down to 10th place. All top 10 Pro riders will at least receive their entry fee back. We are bringing back teams and sportsman classes, cost is reduced to $200 per rider and we will issue refunds to any riders that wish to race sportsman for a trophy instead of Pro for a purse. Riders do not have to qualify on Saturday to compete on Sunday. Riders that do not qualify on Saturday will start Sunday at the back of the pack. With qualifying taking place in front of a major audience in Hammertown, riders that don’t qualify will miss an opportunity to ride in front of thousands of spectators both on the lake bed and online, but they won’t miss the opportunity to race. The race will continue to have the same level of professional coverage that it received last year.
I am working hard to make this event a world-class racing event, and I welcome feedback from the Moto community.  If you have an idea of how we can make King of The Motos the best extreme enduro race in the country, I welcome your input. My phone number is 909.273.0216 and I look forward to hearing from you.
See you on the lake bed…
Dave Cole
Motos Riders can register to race by signing up at