King of the Hammers updated scoring and position update

Attention King of the Hammers fans and drivers: After reviewing timing and yellow brick data, we have found an error on our end that impacts the 2nd and 3rd place drivers. Officially, Marcos Gomez has finished 2nd and Erik Miller has finished 3rd. Josh Blyler is still your 2020 King of the Hammers. 
The error was caused by a combination of factors stemming from a faulty transponder on Marcos’s car and the manual assignment of his start time. At the time of the initial results calculation, Marcos was attributed a start time of 8:32:32 AM. His actual start time was 8:37:39 AM. The time correction places the 86 car in second place ahead of the #21 Erik Miller. 

We apologize for the delay in the announcement of this change, we wanted to be 100% certain in both the results and the root cause of the issue. 
A detailed account of the issue and subsequent policy changes for future races to mitigate this situation will be sent to all drivers within 24 hours.
Please direct any questions or concerns to