King of the Hammers Rookie Class of 2023

King of the Hammers Rookie Class of 2023
King of the Hammers Rookie I noun I (roo-ke) a competitor that has never driven a vehicle during a King of the Hammers event. KOH driver. Newbie, newb, beginner, novice, freshman, apprentice. Ultra4 Regional Series driver of record accepted as KOH rookie.
What is the Rookie Class of 2023?
What began as Hammerking Productions accepting video submissions to select and promote one rookie leading up to King of the Hammers 2023, forged an unforeseen chance to build relationships and give many more individuals opportunities to succeed. We are helping educate rookies of our sport how to be competitive on and off the racecourse in this highly competitive industry.
Who is Eligible:
KOH Rookies (definition above) competing during KOH 2023. All Ultra4 classes are eligible: 4900, EMC and 4400. Regional Ultra4 driver of record competitors are eligible.
How to Join:
1. Join KOH Rookie Facebook Group – this is your information hub. Go to the Facebook group for registering 2023 rookies by clicking here. Be sure to answer all questions when applying to the group. 
2. Create your racer profile at, click Registration. Start posting your content telling the world who you are. Visit the Rookie Facebook group for instruction how to include your personalized hashtag in content for the furthest reach.
3. Join us in Johnson Valley at the KOH Ranch for pre-running and workshops on Racing, Tech, Social Media, Marketing and more with King of the Hammers professionals, and legendary drivers you want to hear from such as Jason Scherer and Loren Healy! A production crew will be on-site for the duration of the event and will do our best to include each individual in a KOH Rookie 2023 piece. Zoom will be available for those unable to be in attendance.
What Can You Win? Over an estimated $60,000 back to rookies!

4400 rookies must qualify during normal scheduled class times. Each rookie to complete the qualifying course will receive your entry fee back in full and your spot on the starting line!
EMC rookies must qualify during normal scheduled class times. Each rookie to officially complete the race will receive your entry fee back in full!
4900 rookies to officially complete the race will receive your entry fee back in full!

Rookie of the Year! This rookie will be voted on by racers and fans, regardless if the rookie finishes the race or even makes it off the start line. Driver votes count as two, fans as one, and will run through King of the Hammers and on the live show. Start your social media and rev up your hashtags, because you, the rookie has control over this and wins $2,400!
Rookie Class Purse in addition to KOH race purse and entry paybacks.

4400 rookies: the highest finisher will receive $1,000.
EMC rookies: the highest finisher in each EMC class (4500, 4600, 4800, EV) will receive $1,000.
4900: the highest finisher in each subclass (Open, Pro-Mod, Stock NA, Stock Turbo) will receive $1,000.
Bonus $1,000 to one go-getter in each class overall, selected by KOH (4400, EMC and 4900).


The prize(s) offered will be in race entry, produced video, merchandise, apparel or other goods and may vary. The race entry will be returned to your original method of payment. Purse payment will be paid with other KOH purse payments. 
All race entries must meet safety and tech requirements for their respective class (Rulebook:,).
Recipient will sign all liability and responsibility waivers and purchase race entry and USAC insurance before participating in any sessions or race.   
Must never have previously raced a King of the Hammers race in the past.
Entry fee paybacks are for the race entry fee only and do not include camping, transponders, trackers, licensing, or other associated fees.
Estimated $60,000 payback based on guaranteed purse and 30 rookies receiving entry back.
Rules subject to change without notice.
Rookie 2023 class begins July 2022 and ends at the completion of King of the Hammers 2023.
Hammerking Productions reserves the right to change, cancel or modify the contest at any time.
This contest is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other third parties.
Hereby agrees that photographs, video and audio productions and telecasts may be made of the undersigned either alone or together with others, during the race event or at such times or places as Hammerking Productions and/or affiliate shall designate. The applicants/winner agrees that all rights in such photographs, video and audio productions and telecasts including but not limited to rights of sale, reproduction, use and distribution, shall belong to Hammerking Productions, or affiliates which may make whatever use of such photographs, video productions and telecasts as it or they may desire. The applicants grant Hammerking Productions or its affiliates and assigns the non-exclusive right to use the applicants name or likeness for any and all commercial benefit and purpose, without limitation in perpetuity, throughout the universe, in all media, whether known or unknown.
By submitting a video or photographs, the contestant is allowing Hammerking Productions the right to use the content in any promotional use, the applicant understanding they will receive no compensation for the outside the stated prize package.
The contestant is agreeing that upon winning, they will be allowing Hammerking Productions to use their image, likeness, photographs, and video with no monetary compensation now or in the future.
Contest administrator: on behalf of HKP.