Hammerking Appoints Communications Director

Hammerking Productions, Inc. Appoints Communications Director
Hammerking Productions, Inc is pleased to announce that Shannon Welch will be taking on the role of Communications Director for the organization. Since taking over full-time management of Hammerking, Dave Cole has resigned from his corporate career and has been hard at work assembling a team dedicated to making the 2011 Ultra4 Racing series the best season yet. According to Cole, “We have a busy year ahead of us. It is important that we have someone focused on getting accurate information out in a timely manner. I wanted someone who has a love of racing and can bring some new energy to the team.  I’m confident Shannon Welch will do a great job handling our communications.”
Shannon is an avid off-road enthusiast with a passion for racing and a professional background in corporate communications and social media. For those within the Ultra4 community, she is known for her management and marketing of Ultra4 race team, Big Ugly Racing. Shannon also was a featured presenter at the 2011 King of The Hammers in which she gave a social media marketing seminar for race teams. Shannon’s role with Hammerking Productions will be focused on communications and public relations. Some of her responsibilities will include; streamlining communication, keeping information current on the new Ultra4 Racing web site and maintaining Ultra4 Racing’s social media outlets.
When asked about her new role, Shannon said, “I was surprised and honored when Dave Cole invited me to be part of the Hammerking team.  As both a huge fan and a race team member, I understand the importance of communication for our teams, our fans and our sponsors. Hammerking and Ultra4 Racing are growing quickly and keeping everyone informed is going to be a lot of work. I look forward to the challenge.”
Hammerking Productions, Inc. created the “King of the Hammers” termed the hardest one day off-road race in the world.  The 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers was the 5th event with over 150 drivers and 15,000 fans from around the globe in the desert of Johnson Valley.  Hammerking Productions has produced three full feature films and multiple TV episodes around King of the Hammers.  The Ultra4 series now includes six races, fived produced by Hammerking Productions.