Griffin Radiator Announces $5000.00 Contingency

(Piedmont, Sc)  Griffin Radiator has just announced a $5000.00 contingency opportunity.  The contingency program will be available to the racers of the 2011 running of the Griffin King of the Hammers.
Griffin has listened to the drivers and teams who participate in the Griffin King of the Hammers and has decided to give them what they have asked for, MONEY!  A $5000.00 prize will be awarded on the lakebed to one lucky driver who finishes the main event with the provided Griffin contingency decals on their racecar.
The Griffin contingence will be awarded to a finisher via a drawing. Upon completion of the race those who have displayed the Griffin contingency decals properly will be entered into a drawing for the $5000.00. The drawing will be held the day after the race and will require the winner to be present and to have followed the rules and regulations of the Griffin contingency program in order to receive the prize money.
Griffin Radiator is the Title Sponsor of Griffin King of the Hammers and is proud to offer this opportunity as a thank you to all of the teams who make Griffin King of the Hammers a success.
Feel Free to contact Steve Beebe, Marketing Director, for more information regarding this release.
View Rules and Regulations here.