From the Dirt to Dallas

A Note From Dave Cole

Today’s message was supposed to be about Affiliate Discount Programs for Participants and a sneak peak at the first King of the Hammers Bronco. Instead, we are headed to Dallas to mourn the loss, and more importantly, celebrate the life of Zandy Willems.

I have talked to a few people this week about the uncommon and intense friendships and relationships we develop in the racing and off-road culture in general. What we do is uncommon. Whether it is enjoying the back country roads, racing in the open desert, or crawling the biggest rocks, there is an adage I have learned. Good roads bring bad people and bad roads bring good people. I am thankful for the dirt that brought Zandy Willems into our lives.  

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. We did make a change to our ticket policy. As always, Veterans are 50% off and Active Duty is free. You will be able to choose from those options on check out. Because we are just sorting that today, I will wait to draw the next round of raffle prizes until Monday.  

Please keep good thoughts in mind for everyone that was at Crandon.