Fallon 250 Info

We’re pleased to welcome Carbon Off Road as the official title sponsor for the Fallon 250 race! This is Carbon’s first time sponsoring an ULTRA4 Event and we’re looking forward to partnering with them on promoting this race. The Carbon Off Road Fallon 250 will be featured on the final episode NBC Sports 6 episode series titled “Journey To The Hammers”
All teams are invited to take part in the first annual Gomez Family BBQ on Friday Night after the driver’s meeting, in the start/finish pits. Stan and Brandon Haynes hosted a Branik Family BBQ for teams in Kentucky and it was a great time for ULTRA4 teams to hang out and enjoy some time with each other outside of racing. Big Thanks to the Gomez Brothers for offering to host the BBQ.
ALL Tech and Registration will be taking place on site at the start/finish area in the pits. No registration will be done at Stockman’s Casino this year. Our event is too large to be hosted in town.
Main Pit Location
Click here to view a map of the main pit location! For those wondering where the main pits will be located, please click the link above. ALL Tech/Registration/Awards will be handled in the Start Finish area this year. This map shows from Stockman’s Casino as a general reference point in the town of Fallon. The actual address for the Start / Finish is on unnamed road, but Google Maps shows the turn at Salt Wells on US 50, which is 15 miles SE of Fallon. From the Salt Wells exit, it’s another 2 miles South to the Start / Finish area.
Start Orders
See schedule of events for start order by class and time.
Drivers that have committed and paid for the 2016 ULTRA4 Trail-Gear Western Regional series are already registered for the Fallon 250. If you wish to race the Fallon 250 as part of ULTRA4 (points and purse payouts) and have not yet registered, please click here to register for the Fallon 250
Course Description
The Fallon 250 is an approx. 250 mile desert race. it will be 6 laps of a 41 mile loop. There are no rocks, it is an endurance desert race. ULTRA4s Limited and UTV classes will be racing the morning race with VORRA’s production and UTV classes and ULTRA4s 4400 classes will be racing an early evening into night race. Lights will be required just as they are at King of The Hammers.
Course Inspection & GPS
Course Inspection is open Thursday after Pit move in and Friday until MIDNIGHT. Maximum speed is 35mph, and you must obey all Nevada laws.COURSE INSPECTION IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
*You need to be familiar with the area at Race Mile 20 – dangerous G-Outs!*
*A GPS download of the course will be available on site at registration, please bring sd card with you to registration.
There will be 2 pit locations available. A team with one pit vehicle/crew CAN compete at this race. One of the pit locations is manned solely by a professional desert race pit team, ProPit, teams that wish to utilize this pit will simply need to pay the crew $25 for their assistance and can drop off necessary supplies to them on Friday during Registration/Tech.
It is highly recommended that you utilize ProPit as access to this area is from Check 2 via the Race Course ONLY PRIOR TO START OF RACE. During race, the only access in or out is Dixie Valley side through Rawhide, if you send a pit crew there they will likely be there all day from 6am-12am. ProPit will be available during Tech & Registration on site at the start/finish area for sign ups and to drop off equipment. Please note that this is an independent service provided; all inquiries should be made through ProPit.
USAC Insurance
All ULTRA4 drivers and co-drivers MUST have either annual or single use USAC insurance purchased. Pre-purchasing your USAC insurance saves tons of time on site. Please visit www.ultra4license.com to purchase your insurance before the race!
Pit Crew Costs
$25 per pit crew band. $20 goes towards port-a-potties and dumpsters in the pits as well as leveling and grading work to expand the pit area. $5 goes to USAC Insurance.
Schedule of Events
Click here to access schedule of events
Pit Parking/Camping
Camping is dry camping only and is on a first-come-first-served basis. As this is an endurance desert race pits will be tight in the main pit area. Pit bands are required for those camping in the main pit area.
Nearby Lodging:
The race course is approx. 30 minutes from Fallon. Camping is free for those with bands.  There are many lodging options along the 50 in Fallon.
Hotels in Fallon include:
Holiday Inn Express
55 Commercial Way
Fallon, NV 89406
774 428-2588
Comfort Inn
1830 W Williams Ave
Fallon, NV 89406
775 423-5554
Americas Best Value Inn & Suites
1051 W Williams Ave
Fallon, NV 89406
775 428-0300