Erik Miller Heads to Championship Behind Wheel of Trent Fab Top Shelf Car

Through a recently developed series of events, 2012’s “King” of the Hammers and 2nd place overall Pro Series Champion, Erik Miller, will find himself behind the wheel piloting the newly completed Trent Fabrication “Top Shelf” car, built for and owned by Jim Widmaier.  Widmaier will take over the co-driver role in not only the car’s first race outing, but Jim’s as well.
The course will consist of 3 laps at 55 miles a piece, mostly high-speed desert terrain with rocks, washes and tight, technical sections set against the backdrop of the expansive wilderness of West Texas.  The race should prove to be a great display of Erik’s solid proven talent behind the wheel of a completely fresh, yet capable, vehicle.  “I am excited for the opportunity and am honored to have been chosen by Jim to take the wheel in his car’s first race.” Erik stated.  “It is one thing to race a brand new car, but someone else’s brand new car with them in the passenger seat, it definitely shows a level of trust/confidence in my ability that I will not take lightly.”
Erik’s team, Miller Motorsports, will accompany him during the race effort, providing support as they have throughout the Ultra4 season.  Erik and team will arrive to Texas, taking a short break from their current task of building a brand new car for themselves which is slated to be completed and ready to race in the 2013 King of the Hammers.
Miller Motorsports is an east coast off road race team based out of Cumberland, MD that competes in various endurance races across the United States. For more information, visit Miller Motorsports’ website,, and/or active Facebook page