El Rey de Las Bajas Driver Email 1

The 2021 El Rey de Las Bajas is upon us and we can’t wait to return to beautiful San Felipe, MX, for the 2nd running of this awesome race in this incredible town. For those who were the Bandidos Originales in 2019, you know how welcoming the town is, how challenging the race is, and how cool it was to participate in the first official ULTRA4 race in Baja!
There are several elements to this email: the schedule, race lap and distance information, registration information, fuel ordering information, border crossing information, and other details, so please read completely. This information will also be updated at www.ultra4racing.com with the most current information, so please check there regularly.
Course info
22-mile laps, 1 main pit, no remote pits, no chase race, rocks and desert similar to before but with more rock sections than 2019.
4600 – 2 laps (44 miles)
4900 – 3 laps (66 miles)
4500 – 4 laps (88 miles)
4800 – 4 laps (88 miles)
4400 – 5 laps (110 miles)
Mon. May 10th – Course Map released online
Tues. May 11th – No Scheduled Official Events
Wed. May 12th – Pre-Running Opens
Thurs. May 13th – Pre-Running Continues
Fri. May 14th – Qualifying: 12:00 PM PST (Noon)
Saturday Race Schedule May 15th
7:30 AM 4900 UTV (3.5 hrs)
11:30 AM 4500, 4600, 4800 (3.5 hrs)
3:30 PM 4400 (3.5 hrs)
No group gathering / party due to COVID protocols
TBD on awards presentation protocol / process
A driver meeting will be schedule via Zoom prior to the event. Date TBD.
Registration Information
Due to COVID protocols in the area, we cannot have large group gatherings and we are taking all necessary safety cautions to respect our hosts as we are guesting in their country and their town. To that end, please note:
There will be no onsite registration. It will stink to get all the way to Mexico and find out you can’t race because we aren’t offering onsite registration. Please take the time to register before heading south. This is a COVID protocol that will be enforced with no group gatherings. Click here to REGISTER.
This also means that trackers (Racing Trax) and transponders (Live Time) will also be online order only. Those links are being prepared, but please know there will be multiple steps: register, reserve tracker, reserve transponder. More information to follow soon as well as pit crew registration info.
Fuel Order Information
You cannot transport fuel across the border. Please make arrangements to order your fuel soon. VP is our official fuel sponsor and you can order via their online portal here. There are other options available, so please reach out if you have questions as a first time driver in Baja.
Border Crossing Information
Please review and or download this PDF document that has been prepared for use as a starting point. We will continue to expand the knowledge base with more information as we receive it.
Thank you for being a part of the ULTRA4 Racing family. Remember to work together, share information, be respectful guests in another country, race hard, and HAVE FUN! More information to come, but welcome to race #2 of the West Regional Series!
~ The ULTRA4 Racing team