Competitor FAQs

  • Thinking about entering KOH?

This program is designed to help guide racers that have never raced KOH, you don’t necessarily need to be a rookie, just a new racer with us. We will help guide you through registration, offer incentives, you’ll get some social and video time and more. Click to learn more about KOH Rookie Program!

  • Registering to Race!

If you’ve never raced KOH before, check out our rookie program! If you’ve participated in KOH and are returning, you’ll want to download and print our rulebook, addendums, check out the tech and chassis information and review this FAQ page. If you have questions beyond that, please contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction!

  • Before you hit the lakebed…

We have tech locations across the country for full and pre-tech before you arrive on the lakebed to help your road to hammers be less stressful. See the list of Pre-Tech locations.

  • Registering to Race!

 The time and location racecourse maps are released are announced to drivers before pre-running. This generally happens the day pre-running opens, on the lakebed.